Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent – Review

A tent is a necessary tool whenever one is going for overnight camping. Without a tent, a camper cannot rest comfortably at night due to the atmosphere’s cold. Accordingly, we are introducing you to the best tent, ALPS mountaineering Lynx 4 person tent. This tent is a suitable unit for you, especially if you have a small family since it is large.

Here we discuss all the features appertaining to this tent, from its form of construction to materials utilized. More so, we will highlight all the benefits you will enjoy once you purchase the tent. Therefore, read on for full detail.

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent Key Features

alps mountaineering tents


Mode of construction

The mode of construction is the primary thing that affects the comfort delivered by any given tent. A good tent should provide maximum comfort to a camper. On the other hand, it should sustain the changing weather in the surrounding.

When you consider the construction of ALPS mountaineering tents, it overdoes the other tents. It comes with user-friendly aspects that every camper wishes to have. For example, it has a waterproof polyester lining that prevents water from entering the tent during rainy periods and protects one from UV rays. Thus, it is perfect for different types of weather.  Simultaneously, this tent is accompanied by two strong aluminum frames, which adds to its strength, thereby facilitating it against strong winds.

Ease of assembly

Nothing feels right when out camping than to have a tent that requires minimum effort to set up. With the ALPS mountaineering tent, you are assured of utilizing less effort and time to set it up because it comes as a tent you can stand up in.

Easy to carry around

Portability is the key feature when it comes to tents. It doesn’t make sense for one to own a good tent that is hectic to vary to the camping site. Similarly, it is a waste of resources to possess a lightweight tent that doesn’t offer comfortable accommodation.

Fortunately, this ALPS tent is both lightweight and offers comfy space for one to sleep well at night. For this reason, you can effortlessly carry it around while camping and enjoy your sessions.  For better portability, this tent can be folded and is accompanied by a carry bag, which further makes it easier to carry.



This tent is second to none when it comes to accessibility. It has two wide doors that ensure you don’t squeeze through as you go to rest. Furthermore, this unit allows you to enjoy privacy since it has zippers. So it is the best tent to spend your money on.

Benefits of ALPS Mountaineering 4 Person Tent

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent Key Features


Below are the highlighted benefits you will get once you acquire an ALPS tent;


This tent is very spacious for small families or an individual who would wish to go camping with a few friends. As a result, it offers a comfortable space for resting. Furthermore, this tent has a gear loft and stash pockets, which provide additional storage space.

     Weather resistance

Given that this tent is lined with a polyester film, it towers higher than other tents because it can sustain both rain and UV rays. Furthermore, it has two aluminum probes, which adds to its strength and can withstand windy conditions. Therefore, it ensures you enjoy camping all through the year.


The ALPS tent comes with easy to use zippers on the doors which ensure privacy. Its zippers are strong; hence they are long-lasting.

Final Thoughts

The ALPS mountaineering lynx 4 person tent is a beautiful tent to own. It is spacious, resistant to changing weather, portable, and comfortable. We assure you never to regret investing your money in the ALPS tent.

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