Best Hyke and Byke Sleeping Bag Review [2022]

Some of the largest issues associated with outdoor and camping equipment companies are the fact that they usually become a tiny bit “too huge for their britches”. In the end, they provide almost every part of camping equipment imaginable than actually focusing on varieties of possibilities and turning them into the one and only best product in the world. Hyke and Byke company is not facing these types of problems. So, are you planning your next trip? Do you need a sleeping bag? You can check our best Hyke and Byke sleeping bag review and how to choose one.

Hyke and Byke Sleeping Bag Review

When you specialize in just a couple of outdoor equipment pieces, to be more specific, tents and sleeping bags, you’ll notice that it is sometimes not possible to find good quality equipment and gear that is created specifically for travelling on cold temperatures – particularly for the prices that Hyke and Byke offer for the products.

Despite numerous new camping equipment companies that only promise so much when promoting their equipment’s capacities and features, Hyke and Byke tend to use the industry’s standards and norms to compare their products against some of the most famous in the industry – even brands like Patagonia.

When you realize that their products are almost always fantastic as the best companies of the camping business, if not better, you can really tell that there is something great about the quality of the tents and sleeping bags that they produce and design.

If you want to make a purchase or even see what is so special about their sleeping bags, check out the list we create of some of the best options you might be interested.




This flagship sleeping bag created by the people at Hyke and Byke is an ultralight, high-quality sleeping bag. It represents a lightweight and maybe most squeezable sleeping bags you can find today. Perfect for individuals that love adventure when backpacking, and even those people who don`t want to plan that much space in their gear only for a sleeping bag.

Filled with an amazing proprietary goose down material that provides impressive warmth to weight ratio is something you will most likely not find somewhere else. Your body will stay comfy and warm, even on low temperatures. This bag is designed to keep your body warm also in the worst winter temperatures.

This is a mummy-style sleeping bag that also comes with ripstop nylon material added to ensure there will be no degradation and damage whatsoever. It backs moisture away, fits right, you’ll be comfy without feeling tight.




Another sleeping bag created by Hyke and Byke that is kind of related to the EOLUS 0°F ULTRALIGHT 800FP model we showed above, even though it is not created to work well at temperatures that go as far as zero degrees.

This one is designed more so for early spring/early winter and autumn camping trips when the weather might get pretty cold but will not go below 0°F. This type of sleeping bag uses the identical exclusive goose down material. So, you will be able to enjoy a nice warmth to weight ratio and the kind of compression that you’re probably looking for in a backpacking-flexible sleeping system.

The sleeping bag has waterproof fabrics all throughout, and due to the new exclusive design element, loads of microscopic “air clusters” are added throughout the down material to make sure that it remains lofted, stays extremely comfy, and that its thermal capabilities never ever change – no matter if you have used it for two or many more years.

It comes in different sizes, to suit more individuals, and it has the same type of mummy configuration. You will love how you will always feel warm and comfortable but never experience hotness!




People are crazy about hammock camping for the last couple of years. Nowadays, many people that love adventuring on backpacks and outdoor lovers are looking to find hybrid sleeping/hammocks bags that will remove a big amount of the equipment they need to take with them on the excursion.

There are so many companies that provide hammock style sleeping bags on the market, but only a couple of them provide designs that are as thought throughout so well and implemented as nicely as the ones at Hyke and Byke.

We present to you their best hammock style sleeping bag. Crestone is designed for you to be able to go through temperatures going down to 0°F without even flinching, obstruct your rest or even sensing a chilly moment.

This is what we might call a four-season bag. It has the kind of high lofted goose down filling that you might be expecting. However, the sleeping bag has a very unique design that will allow you to sleep on top of the bag in the warmer months, and then inside during the winter. So you will get the best of both worlds and enjoy staying comfortable no matter what the circumstances are.

Hyke and Byke’s sleeping bags all have waterproof fabrics,. This means you will never have to fear the weather ruining your excursion. Also, these sleeping bags themselves are made to be moisture wicked and weather repellent. To make sure you stay warm and comfy in many conditions, along with its mummy-style configuration that allows you to stay nicely bundled – and secure, as that is also a worry since you would not want to tip out of the hammock in the middle of the night.

Closing Thoughts

hyke and byke sleeping bag review

Looking through this article, you might realize at last that Hyke and Byke provide so many different types of sleeping systems and sleeping bags that you might be interested in or even want to take advantage of and purchase them.

This three options that we recommended are the best and possess the best quality features. They are designed to suit most of the individuals, and they are produced to offer so much, and that is probably something you would want to have if you decide to purchase a sleeping bag.

No matter if you are only a regular camper who likes to go on adventures, a hiker and a backpacker who wants something which is lightweight and minimal, or maybe you are interested in turning to the hammock camping game, the people at Hyke and Byke made sure to cover all of your goals on point.

They keep on offering new, interesting and creative goods like the products we mentioned above and they are most unquestionably a company you will consider to look close when you shop for your next adventure. We hope that we help you with this Hyke and Byke sleeping bag review, and now you can choose one.

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