Camping In The Rain Tips – Tricks and Hacks You Need To Know

People usually don’t feel comfortable camping in rainy weather because they don’t come prepared. But with the right gear and some precautions, you can have one of the most incredible experiences camping in the rain. So, for your next camping trip in the rain, we have made camping in the rain tips.

Camping in the rain checklist:

In this checklist, you will find all the essentials that you will need to camp in downpours, and we have also listed some fun things so you can enjoy your camping to the fullest. This list may have some items or tips that you may have noticed in our other articles, but we have included them still just for your reminder.

Tips For Camping In The Rain


Necessary items:

Waterproof tent

The first thing you will need for camping in rainy conditions is a waterproof or rainproof tent. It is better to buy a durable waterproof tent from a reliable brand, but if its price is out of your budget, you can always buy a cheap tent and make it waterproof by using some tools and techniques which you can find in our article how to waterproof a cheap tent. Having a good quality waterproof tent will keep you dry in a wet environment, and it will make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.

High wind tent

Along with being waterproof, your tent should also be a wind-resistant tent. Many times, rain comes in the form of a storm. Therefore, you will need your tent also to be a high wind tent to resist wind pressure.

Higher ground

Camping in the rain checklist

Before choosing your camp spot, make sure that it is higher ground. Set up your tent on higher ground to keep your tent from getting wet as much as it is possible. It is better to choose a spot with a slope so water can flow down away from your shelter.

Packaged and prepared food

Because you cannot always predict the intensity and duration of the rain, therefore, there is no guarantee that you will be able to use your stove for cooking yourself something. You should always be prepared for not being able to utilize your stove facility.

Make sure to bring along already cooked food or something that you can eat without cooking. You can also bring snacks if you are going on a short trip.


Also, add tarps to your checklist, and after reaching your campsite, put up the tarp first before pitching your tent and angle it to make sure that water flows off to the opposite sides of your canvas.

And if you didn’t, you will have to put up your rainfly first and then crouch inside it to put up your inner tent, which is an awkward and uneasy position for setting up a tent. Bring extra tarps as they often come in handy in this kind of weather. You can create a dry sitting area with them, or you can lay it out on the ground to create a barrier between your things and wet ground.


Unfold your floor sheet on the floor of your tent so you can sit without any discomfort and avoid tent floor leaks even if you have pitched your tent on the rough and sturdy ground.

Bring plastic bags

Plastic bags are also essential when you are going for a camping trip on stormy days. Always bring plenty of waterproof plastic bags for your significant things so you can protect them from getting wet. Moreover, remember to bring both small and large size bags. You can utilize the small size to contain little things like cash, keys, cell phones, etc. and use the bigger one to keep your garments, campfire fuel, and your sleeping bags.

Condensation in the tent

Rain, humid air, your wet clothes, and your other wet belongings can start the condensation to form inside your tent. Therefore, to avoid this possibility, keep your wet items away from your tent walls.

Slippery rocks or ground

Never test yourself or put yourself in danger when attempting to get the balance on green or large stones. It’s not cool by any means. Always wear hiking shoes or climbing boots with heaps of lower leg bolster while trekking around these zones.


In the case of a heavy downpour, when the water level rises, a spade can come in handy; you can dig a drainage tube directing a newly form stream away from your campsite.

Water bottles

Rainwater is pure water without any impurities; you can store it in your water bottles for drinking, and you can also use it for other purposes.


Raincoats are quite useful in rainy conditions, especially if you are camping in a forest. With a coat on, you can go outside in the rain without getting yourself completely.

LED lights or flashlights

Bring LED light or flashlight so you can use them at night to find your way outside and inside the tent, to read a book, etc.

Tea or Coffee

Usually, after rain, the weather becomes cold, and in this cold weather, you can enjoy tea or coffee to keep yourself warm. Bring an electric kettle if your tent has an e-port. Otherwise, you can use a normal kettle and stove to boil your water.

Cigarette lighters

Lighters, you can call them a must-have item for camping. You can use them to light a fire to keep your bodies warm and to enjoy a campfire with your friends and family. Always bring an extra lighter with you in case one gets broke. You can learn how to start fire in the rain very easy.

Camping In The Rain Tips – Fun items:

Camping In The Rain Tips

Apart from these items, you can also bring some items just for fun. For example:

Camera – When you hike and camp in beautiful locations, you might want to capture nature’s beauty and make amazing memories by clicking pictures.

Cards – Cards are called classic for a reason. With a deck of cards, you can play a wide range of games with changes in quantities of individuals. Bring a pack, and you are guaranteed to have a great time as the downpour descends outside.

Playboard gamesBoard games are also very engaging and fun when you are hanging out in a tent with your friends or family. These games freshen your minds, and you get so absorbed in them that you lose all interest in what’s happening outside.

Book – Reading books is my favorite pastime, and if it is yours too then, you can bring along your favorite books to your next camping trip for your entertainment.

This list is my fun items list, but it is not a hard and fast rule that you can only bring these items. You can bring anything of your choice to spend your time pleasantly and have a memorable and fun trip.

Before going on your next trip, take guidance from this camping in the rain checklist to have a perfect camping trip without any discomfort and nuisance.

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