Choosing the Best Grounds for Your Hunting Expedition

Travel corridors – obviously, if you lie in wait along their path, deer will invariably show up. Just like human beings and other mammals, deer choose the path of least resistance when moving about. There will typically be small trails left behind along waterways. Deer like to use the easiest crossing points to cross rivers and streams.

Water sources — animals need water to survive. Therefore, the edge of a pond, stream or lake is a good spot to await your quarry.

Funnels  —  look for a spot where various forest trails converge. These areas are high traffic spots and typically feature a waterway, impassable ground or high bluffs. The lack of choices will funnel the movement of animals and bring them to one spot. By naturally concentrating the traffic of animals, these spots present the greatest chances of a successful kill.

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Food Sources – animals eat too. Look for trees that offer this advantage and wait there. Some good natural food choices include wild grapes, honeysuckles, acorn-bearing oak trees and more. These food sources will be highly popular with many animals, including deer.

Bedding areas — patches of dense brush and vegetation provide cover for the deer and a great place to hide. These important spots are sanctuaries for deer to hide when they feel threatened. It is generally considered a bad idea to disturb these areas, but the chances may arrive for a perfect target.

Diversity — another great location to surprise your prey would be in a spot where various types of terrain meet. Like a clearing along the edge of a forest where the attributes are similar but feature a variety of topographical features. These spots with many diverse forms of plant life and dense vegetation work well to create an attractive location for passing deer.

Close to home — you may even find that several of these features can exist in a spot closer to home. Not only does this make it easier to find your prey, but it can also allow you to enjoy the convenience of your home base or base camp.


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