Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Person Screened Tent Review

Aren’t we all sick of those lousy tents that make us dread camping? Camping is supposed to be fun only if one has all the basic comforts like lighting, sleeping peacefully, and having enough space inside the tent. Fortunately, the Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 person screened tent has all the features one could ask for.

Coleman Weathermaster 6person 2room tent consists of various features such as LED lights, safety from insects, and a divider. It is obvious from the name of the tent that can accommodate up to six people. These tents come in handy when you have plans for camping during the summer season. Below, we will discuss the features and the material of the tent.

Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Person Screened Tent Features:

coleman weathermaster 6person 2room tent


LED lights:

Not all tents bless us with the most important resource that is light. LED lights are the best ones when we talk about camping lights. They provide bright light with the facility of choosing whether you want high mode, low mode, or nighttime mode. The luminous flux of each mode is 100 lumens, 42 lumens, and 5 lumens.

These lights have a certain limit depending on the model you select. The high mode’s runtime is a maximum of 24 hours, 65 hours for the low mode, while the nighttime mode runs for about 81 hours.

Hinged door:

Tents having doors features are the best if you like a private space in a tent. The Coleman tents are illustrious for their door features. In the Coleman Weathermaster 6person 2room tent the door is available in the shape of the letter “D”. Elite Weathermaster is one of the best tents you can stand up in.

These doors are made up of two fiberglass poles and zippers. The Velcro tape is connected to the doors to keep them tightly shut. The doors also accommodate a storm flap in case you encounter rains when camping.

The material of the tent


High storage capacity:

This tent of the Coleman’s has an area of 153 ft² (14.2 m²). The tents’ high storage capacity allows you to store several items like personal belongings, cooking essentials, and chairs.

If you want to fit six people in this tent, the area one person will get is 16.5 ft², which will suffice for one person’s sleeping bag. But if you desire impeccable comfort, then fitting six people in a single tent is not a good idea.

The material of the tent:

Coleman uses the WeatherTec system to provide the campers with the utmost convenience when they go camping. The WeatherTec system includes several components such as the stitching of seams on the inside of the tent to produce a hindrance in the way of moisture from entering the tent.

The floor of the tent is made up of thick layers of polythene, which is completely waterproof. This way, you don’t have to worry about rain. Coleman’s claim their tents are highly waterproof. Although their features look promising, there have been a ton of complaints regarding their waterproofing system.

The poles:

This tent is not an instant set up. It requires a perfect understanding of how to assemble the poles and sheets. The poles are made up of fiberglass and steel, which give it a strong touch. The standing capability of these tents is strong due to the material of the poles.

Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 person screened tent Set-up:

Setting up this tent single-handedly is a tad difficult. When two people set it up together, it becomes a hundred times easier. It takes almost 20-25 minutes to set up. Setting up instructions will be available in the tent.

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