Essential Things Every Hiker Should Know About

Hiking has placed roots in everyone’s heart, and that is why many people are seen wandering in the backcountry with either their friends or families. The reason is quite simple that hiking is the most enjoyable and simplest adventure that anyone can do. There are some exceptions where the paths may be difficult to cross, but most of the time, the trails are marked so that people can hike without any worries.

Hiking has been loved by many people because it helps create adventurous memories and keeps them healthy. So, if you want to start your adventurous journey, make sure that you know all the necessary things before visiting any backcountry. Moreover, you should be aware of all the hiking essentials to pack in your bag, so you don’t miss anything.

In this article, we have brought some information about the essential things that every hiker should know about.

Know your hiking level:

The worst decision you could ever make is choosing a hike that isn’t suitable for your level. If you are a first-time hiker and chose a challenging hike, you will face many challenges and feel exhausted and tired. Moreover, you may even give up the thought of another hike. So, choose the hike that fits in your level, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can find many forums and communities that show hikes based on levels, which becomes it easier to choose them.

Plan your hike:

Many experienced hikers are aware of the trails, but if you are a new hiker, it is better to plan your hike. It doesn’t mean that you have to plan like you do for any vacation. You just have to gather information about appropriate routes, weather conditions, and the right timings to visit the mountain or any other backcountry.

Don’t hike alone:

Although you might be excited to go on a solo hike, it is advisable to take at least one or two companions. If it’s a simple hike along the valley near your hometown, there is no issue in hiking alone. But, if you are visiting any expanded jungle or a huge mountain, then better take someone along with you. This is because you can have partners if you face any health condition or met with any ailments during the hike.

Share your plans:

Once you have planned your hike, you should share it with your closed ones and also tell them how much time it would take to return from the hike. So, if you are not back by that specific time, your closed ones can know where to look for you or send any help.

Don’t take shortcuts while hiking:

If you aren’t an experienced hiker, it is better to stick to the marked trails. There are many hikes where people take shortcuts and then get lost somewhere or face difficulties in crossing the harder path. Hence, it is better to commit yourself to stay on track so that you don’t get trapped in any emergencies.

Keep your backpack light and comfortable:

You might have seen some hikers carrying bags that are bigger than their upper body. Well, some of them need to carry essentials if they have planned for a stay, but if you are going for a one-day hike, it is better to carry only the required essentials. Don’t fill your backpack with everything you feel like adding. Moreover, look for a bag that has compartments and straps so that you feel comfortable while hiking.

Always carry your trash with you:

If you are experiencing the ethereal beauty of nature, that’s because someone else has maintained it before. Hence, you also have to make efforts to keep it as beautiful as it was by not littering any of the places. You should always carry a small bag to carry all your trash, such as wrappers, fruit’s peels, and used tissues. Don’t ever try to litter the place as it is in your hand to keep the environment clean and flourishing while you explore it.

Follow hiking manners:

There are no rules for hiking, but there are some hiking manners that every hiker should follow. The first thing you should remember is that whenever you encounter other hikers while crossing on a narrow path, the one going upwards should be allowed to proceed, and then the one going downwards should continue. Besides that, you should always ensure not to make any unnecessary noise in the natural environment, such as listening to music on high volumes. It disturbs the wildlife and other trekkers. Hence, you can carry your headphones and enjoy your music without disturbing others.

Important things to carry on a hike:

Now when you are aware of all the basic information about hiking, you should consider your hiking essentials list. You have to make sure that you add these things to your backpack based on the duration of your hike. You can modify the quantity of these things based on the duration of your hike.

1. Emergency Kit:

You should have an emergency kit with you that contains both the first aid kit and a survival kit. Your first aid kit should consist of band-aids, creams to treat minor ailments, tablets for headache or back pain, and some strain-reliever sprays. Besides, the survival kit should include a swiss knife, duct tape, emergency whistle, water treatment tablets, and fire-making tools.

2. Navigation Tools:

Remember to carry a compass, a map with all the trails marked on it, and some digital navigation tools. You can opt for a mobile distance tracking app or a smartwatch that is specially designed for hikers (insert naked URL here). These tools help you navigate in dense areas and keep you aware of your location.

3. Food and Water:

Make sure to carry enough water in reusable water bottles and food that contains carbohydrates and proteins.

4. Hiking Layers:

Remember to carry the right hiking layers that will keep you protected from extreme weather conditions. You can take jackets, sleeping bags, and raincoats if you are aware of the seasonal changes.


Hiking can be enjoyable only if you are mindful of the region and carry all the essentials with you. So, remember to follow all those things and be ready to make an adventurous journey.

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