How to Find Top Hunting Scopes for Your Savage 220    

If you’re a hunting veteran, you would know that the accuracy and user interface of the Savage 220 is pretty incredible, if not unbeatable. So, when you’re looking for the perfect scope to go along with your Savage 220, you have to find the best one.

There are quite a few top Savage 220 scopes that offer excellent durability and design. You should keep in mind a few factors when you’re choosing the proper scope for your Savage 220. Here, they are:

Shooting Range

The Savage 220 is a favorite of many seasoned hunters and has a good range of about 200 yards, which is more than many others in the same category.

To make good use of that range, you need a scope that has good magnification. It also needs to have a good scope range if you plan to utilize the Savage 220 to its maximum capability.

Weather Durability

Not all Savage 220 Scopes are suitable to be used in all types of weather. Some scopes will fog up easily during humid and cold weather, so if you are planning on using your slug gun in an area with a climate like that, your scope also needs to be adaptable to that.

There are many types of scopes in the market that are fully fog-proof and waterproof, which will make them ideal to use in harsh weather conditions.


Many scopes come in aluminum and have multi coated lenses that aid in image clarity and light retention. Aluminum is a good, lightweight choice for your scope because of its durability and non-corrosive properties.

Different grades of aluminum are used when manufacturing scopes, usually being termed as aircraft-grade aluminum when a higher quality aluminum is used in the scope.

While you have to pay more for better quality aluminum, if you’re using your Savage 220 regularly, it is worth the investment to pay for better materials that will enhance the quality and feel of your scope.


When you’re paying a premium price for your Savage 220 scope, you expect top features, durability as well as warranty. Most have a limited warranty that comes along with them.

Many scopes even have a lifetime warranty, and this is preferred when you’re going to be spending a hefty price buying the top Savage 220 scopes.


Most scopes are designed similarly, but some of them will have better features that make them more comfortable for you to use. This includes making the scope easily handleable, having a good grip, being shock-proof, and other components.

When you’re looking for the proper Savage 220 scope, you have to make sure it has easy windage and elevation adjustments as well, so you can cater it to the environment you’re using it for.

Finding the Right Hunting Scope for Your Savage 220

You have to keep a lot of things in mind when you’re selecting the top hunting scope for your Savage 220. Ideally, you would want to buy a versatile scope with many features that make it ideal for hunting any animal.

Make sure your scope has ballistic drop correction, which is also crucial for an optimal shot. Whether in broad daylight or low light conditions, your scope should be your partner that helps you have the perfect hunting trip every time.

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