Neso Beach Tent Review

Neso tents are more famous in peoples. Most of the beach tents are heavier and not easy to carry. Neso provides the best and lightweight beach tents. Neso beach tents are more reliable and lightweight. They have a lot of features. The history is that melanoma is a youngster prone to disease due to sun rays. But later, he recovered by proper medication and treatment. Once as a father, he was enjoying the beach with his daughter near his house in California. He invents the Neso tent to provide shade to his daughter.

Neso 1 Beach Tent Review

Neso 1 Beach Tent



It looks beautiful on the beach. It consists of plain fabric sheets, sandbags, ropes, and poles. Once the sandbags filled and stretched out, then you put the bars. That’s why peoples like Neso tents. Its corner points are susceptible and weak. So if you are setting up the tent the very first time, be careful. The other thing is that if you don’t setting right, its shadow not be perfect and as you need. Also, it depends upon the area if you don’t have experience ten it a better option for you to get plenty of rooms and spend times more comfortably.

Setup of Neso beach tent

You should first read the tips and tutorials to set up and assembling, and it is not easy to set up as setting up an umbrella, so you should read about setting up the Neso tent. If you don’t know, then it in teasy to setup for you. And also you will be injured. There are three persons required to design the Neso tent. We are thankful to those peoples who help me to create a Neso tent. It isn’t easy to set up while the wind is blowing. The setup includes filling sandbags with rock and sand. Stretching the flat sheet and setting down the poles at the right place. It is the point to note that the stakes must be straight. If you don’t set up the tent carefully and correctly, it may occur over your head. So be careful that f wind is fast.

Sun protection

The Neso tent provides sun protection with a 50+ UPF rating; it is better but not enough. You used to wear sunscreen. It is also water-resistant. So if you were setting up the tent, then you are enjoying the beach environment.

Size and portability

It’s a very lightweight tent, i.e., its weight about 4 pounds. Its bag size is tiny and portable. It is easy to roll up in a small bag and easy to throw over the shoulder. It is enough for 3 to 4 persons, But two is ideal to avoid overcrowding.

Ease of cleaning

It is easy to clean the Neso beach tent. Its fabric has resistant to liquids and stains. The sand is easily removed by brushing. It would be best if you cleaned the tent before putting it into the bag. Due to this, you can make an effort again while you were setting up the tent also.


Its price is not okay because it’s hard to set up and required experience to design. So t is a better option to buy an umbrella instead of purchasing a Neso1 beach tent.

Neso Grande Beach Tent

Neso Grande Beach Tent


it is the second version of Neso tent. It is a more improved and large-sized tent. The goal of inventing the Neso tent is to help the peoples and let them enjoying on the beach comfortably.


The design of the Neso Grande beach tent is similar to the Neso one beach tent. But it is more considerable.


The material of the Neso Grande beach tent is more improved and high quality. Its poles are madeup of aluminum, and its sheet has more water and sun resistance.


It is similar to setup the Neso Grande beach tent as Neso One Beach Tent. But the thing is that the Neso Grande beach tent is more extensive than that’s why it required more people and experience.


The conclusion is that the Neso tent provides many features, for instance, large shade—water and wind protection. The Neso tent is the better option, but it isn’t easy to set up, that’s why I prefer another beach tent that mare easy to setup.

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