Semoo 3-4 Person, 4-Season Camping Tent Review

If you are planning on camping or hiking with your friends or family, you will need a good camping tent. Now you are wondering for a good tent with valuable features that gives you quality time, so here is a SEMOO TENT REVIEW.

Semoo Tent Review – 3 4 person tent

Semoo tents are for 4 persons 4 season tent, which is perfect for traveling and hiking camps. It is made of a double layer of Polyester with Polyurethane (PU) and the Inner layer is made of Polyester Polyamide (PA). This double layer provides you a safe environment inside during heavy rainfall. Semoo tents have a list of features that make you worth buying it.


There is no better way to spend your holiday with your family and friend while hiking or camping tours. In that regard, the Semoo tent is the best suitable choice for a 3 4-person. Many other Semoo tents reviews say that its best regarding its capacity. 

semoo tent reviews



Semoo tent is easy to carry while hiking as it has only 24*8.3*5.5 inches size in packing bag. You may think that as it is light in weight, it might not be the right quality product. But it is thick and made up of high-quality material. The best thing is that Semoo tents are easily used as backpacking tents


It is made of polyester double layers and in such dimensions that prevent you from heavy rainfall for several days. Semoo tents provide you the feature of a waterproof base that would not let in the water from the ground. 

Dual doors and ventilation 

It has the rare feature of a double door due to which its a better option than other camping tents. It is designed for a 3, 4-person tent, so it is easy to come in and out through the double door. Ventilation of the Semoo tents is also very effectively designed for 4 seasons. 

Setting the tent 

Easy to pitch it just by following the manual that comes inside the package. According to many customer reviews, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes for the complete setup of this tent.

Not only pitching its packing is not a hectic task just keep calm and try to pack according to the dimension of the packing bag. 

Here are some points to consider before buying any backpacking

4 person 4 season tent



Make sure the camping tent is easily portable and light in weight to carry with. In that regard, the Semoo tent is best, weighs only 7.26 pounds. For 3, 4-person backpacking tent, it is quite lightweight. 


Camps comes with many features that stand in various seasons. If you plan for camping in moderate season, you should go with Semoo tents as it is effective for 4 persons and 4 seasons. 


Stability is the most important feature to keep in mind that you never know what’s the weather will be at the site of camping. Prefer the camp that has high standability against extreme wind flow. Again, in that regard, Semoo tents are the best choice.

  • Price: The price is affordable, offering great features compared to other camping tents.
  • Dimensions: It is designed in such dimensions that even taller peoples are comfortable inside it while lying or standing inside.
  • Size: The size of the Semoo tent is the best feature as 3 4persons easily adjust to it
  • Weather friendly: It protects you easily against heavy rainfall and windfall
  • Easy to carry: Semoo tents are lightweight, so it’s easy to carry as a backpack
  • Interior pockets: There is no interior pocket inside it, which might be the preference of any customer.

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