What Is The Best Camping Flatware?

When you go camping or hiking, you will not need to collect all the dishes in your kitchen, including knives and forks. The camping flatware is designed to be as simple as possible. They are complete and practical, easy to store, easy to transport, and use.

What is the best camping flatware?

Camping knives and forks

When camping, you will not be able to do without the knife, because you will always need to cut food. Only a sharp utensil can help you cut meat, fish, or any other form of food. Your fingers can, of course, replace the fork, but it is much more practical to be able to roll up pasta, eat pate without necessarily having to get your hands dirty. The fork and the knife are accessories that must not miss the camping flatware worthy of the name. In addition, they must be made with materials very light and durable.

Camping spoon

In your camping accessories should also include one or more spoons, because this will make it easier to drink milk, tea, soup. And also be able to mix foods, sweeten them, salt them and taste them to satiety.

At breakfast, for example, it is unthinkable that you can eat your cereal with something other than a good spoon. This essential tool is included in most flatware kits for hiking, trekking, and camping.

How to choose your camping flatware properly?

How to choose your camping flatware properly

From your flatware, you have the right to expect that they are solid and that they cannot, therefore, break easily when you are handling them. Let’s review the most important selection criteria to find the best camping flatware that is right for you.

Weight and dimensions

Most camping items are light, and camping flatware is no exception. However, this criterion is useful to check because the products differ from each other.

To travel light, some people think that they would need plastic utensils and, of course, BPA-free (in polycarbonate, for example), but this is not necessarily useful. Steel can also be relatively light and suit your expectations, especially for the promises of durability offered by this material.

Flatware making material

Lighter plastic kitchen utensils are also the cheapest, while products made of steel will weigh a little more. By taking care of your steel accessories, you can avoid rust and corrosion. This will be done, for example, by rinsing them cleanly and drying them perfectly well before putting them away. Titanium flatware can also be recommended, particularly for their high resistance to degradation.


If it is important to you that the device is as light as possible, but that it does not break at the most inopportune moment, choose titanium spoons and forks. Any mountaineer or person who often travels with a backpack certainly prefers this particular equipment.


The devices made from these raw materials are distinguished by their minimum weight, low price, and availability. This is a great option for people who hike not too long. But plastic devices have a number of disadvantages. In particular, such a material is very fragile. This plastic device is easily damaged during transport or accidentally melted by hot dishes or flames. In addition, plastic is not the most ecological material.


Lightweight. In addition, aluminum spoons and forks, not rust, which means that these devices will last a long time.

Stainless steel

Instruments made from this material are also durable and affordable. However, they will weigh a lot, especially compared to aluminum or plastic products. If this indicator is not too important for you, do not hesitate to choose “stainless steel” spoons and forks.

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