Spec Ops Shooting Review: How to Get the Natural Advantage

Are you prepared for any scenario? Do you trust your instinct and skills enough to save you in the event of an active shooter or any other situation that involves being shot at? Of course not! Even the most seasoned soldiers will tell you there is more they learn every time they engage in one of these encounters. 

So, what can you do to prepare to save yourself and your family in any situation that may happen? Well, to start with, you need to study and train. To help with that, we present you with this Spec Ops Shooting program review. A system for training created by a well-seasoned and decorated war hero.

Spec Ops Shooting Program Review:

A former Green Beret soldier wrote this high-class guide after nearly 25 years of active service. He passes on all the information that he thinks is most important and teaches you the proper techniques and tactics that will save you from nearly any dangerous situation. Should you find yourself thrust into a situation that is out of your control, you would be better prepared for handling such a situation by yourself after having gone through this guide.

 Our world is getting more dangerous by the day, and being prepared is critical for every one of us. This book helps prepare you for protecting your own life and that of your loved ones. It does this by teaching you how to use your gun properly. Plus, it shows you the professional and often closely guarded techniques that you can train with that will lead you to create muscle memory, which can mean the difference between life and death in real-world situations. It gives the answers you need for when you find yourself in one of those crazy out-of-control situations where the adrenaline is pumping, and chaos ensues.

 It is in these extreme cases where you need to have the proper knowledge and practice ingrained in your movements and thoughts. The Spec Ops Shooting Program guide book prepares you with just that knowledge, and the Spec Ops Shooting system review shows you how you can practice preparing yourself in case you ever need to draw and use your weapon in the actual world.


Who Wrote the Spec Ops Shooting Guide? The Professional Soldier Behind Spec Ops Shooting:

Spec Ops Shooting Program Review


A veteran with plenty of active duty service under his belt created this system using all of his training and experience. Brian Morris is a former Green Beret soldier who has all the experience necessary to be considered a full-blown professional shooter. He breaks down all his experience from training and authentic real-life active shooting situations he has been in to show you all the best pieces that he wholeheartedly believes can help to save your life one day.

 The best of the best created this book for you, and by taking it all in then applying the knowledge to train and prepare, you can know what they know and do what they do. This means you can be as ready for danger as the best soldiers in the world. Just follow Brian Morris’ Spec Ops Shooting Guide, and you will be on your way to being confidently prepared for anything life may throw your way.

Brian has spent decades training to become a weapon, sniper, and operations expert and takes the time to share the knowledge he gained during all this time with you. He wants you to handle yourself correctly and efficiently in any real-world scenario and found that most firearms training courses fell short of providing this level of practical knowledge.

So, he created the Spec Ops Shooting book and included many tricks, tips, and training techniques that you can use to improve your accuracy and efficiency in a real-world shooting scenario. These situations get messy, and peoples’ emotions or thoughts get the best of them, and they lose precious seconds, Brian teaches you techniques you can use and practice to keep yourself focused and on task, even when the adrenaline gets pumping.

You never know what is around that next corner, and proper training and practicing is the only way you can surely be ready for the unexpected. This book does just that. It shows you the methods and means for preparing yourself and offers some inside knowledge into how you can train to be ready for anything and everything.

This Brian Morris Spec Ops Shooting review is imperative for anyone interested in defending themselves and their loved ones. You will learn from this book how to adapt your body’s natural tendencies to direct them in effective ways that will increase your odds of survival—which is what it is all about, survival through self-defense.


Spec Ops Shooting Book Review—Does It Actually Work, Or Is It A Scam?

Does It Actually Work, Or Is It A Scam


In our Spec Ops Shooting program review, we found every bit of information in the book to be 100% helpful and useful for improving our shooting and preparedness. It teaches you how to use your body’s natural reactions and natural movements to adapt to any situation and shoot straight on target every time. This is difficult to do in a static environment, so in a live messy and active situation, it can prove nearly impossible for those who are not ready.

The Spec Ops Shooting system is legitimate. It is not a scam, and we agree with everyone else who has reviewed the guidebook; it is real and extremely useful. Every shooter must know the information this book provides. It will help save lives when the information is read, absorbed, and then applied.

Inside this book, you will find some professional shooter tips that have been closely held secrets by many in the industry for many years. Some of which is so simple it will amaze you after trying them out that you never thought of them before. Simple things that anyone can do to train and prepare themselves are included, and Brian encourages you to try them out on your own to see for yourself just how useful they can be.

Everything from some Israel Defence Forces training techniques and shooting tips that will help you get and stay on target to mind-controlling tips and tricks to help you stay focused in extremely dangerous situations are included in this guide. It is fairly comprehensive yet presented in such a way that any layman can understand and apply the knowledge being shared. Anyone and everyone can improve their shooting abilities and preparedness level if they read and apply the knowledge presented within the pages of this guidebook.


How Spec Ops Works and A Brief Step by Step Breakdown of What the Book Includes:

How Spec Ops Works and A Brief Step by Step Breakdown of What the Book Includes


Brian Morris has laid the book out in easy-to-understand sections that each builds upon the one before it. For starters, it gives you ways to figure out which is your dominant eye, so you will be able to adapt your shooting position and stances in later drills accordingly. But then it explains how to train to strengthen your non-dominant eye so you will be better prepared for any situation you may find yourself put in where you need to fire from a position other than the preferred one.

That is just one very basic example of how this guide builds upon itself to create a solid foundation for any shooter to work from and build upon by themselves. It also focuses on more than just direct shooting knowledge, and it branches out into mind-controlling techniques.

Getting into a real-world shooting scenario, you may find it is very distracting, and there are so many different things to focus on that it can be distracting and easy to lose direct focus on the threat. This book teaches you techniques to control your thought processes and shows you how to direct your focus on the critical elements of any life or death situation. You need to know where to focus, what to watch for, how to follow a progressing situation, and more when your survival is ultimately up to you.

So, this system not only teaches you how to shoot, it teaches you important skills that you may never have even thought about being necessary, but that can mean the difference between you walking away from a situation or not. Of course, it also has plenty of focus on direct shooting drills.

There are many drills it explains in-depth for you to practice with on your own that will help lead to you having the muscle memory that will gain you the advantage in any situation. From a single stationary target to moving multiple target drills and everything in between, this book covers it all. Brian also takes the time to explain the most common mistakes people make during each one of the shooting drills that cost them precious seconds in real-world applications.

When each second can mean the difference between life and death, learning techniques to help you save multiple seconds is life-altering for shooting abilities. The Spec Ops Shooting Guide walks you through these drills and even presents you with some fairly advanced shooting drills that you can practice at your shooting range at home that will have you leaps and bounds ahead of the average self-defense shooters.


Does the Product Offer Any Bonuses? Here Are the Perks:

Does the Product Offer Any Bonuses


Along with the general guide, which is anything but ordinary itself, you also get access to three extremely helpful books. These include:

  1. The Green Beret Home Defence Guide: A professional opinion about how to protect any home from armed invaders. It will teach you where the weak points are in the exterior of your home. How to use your homes general layout to your advantage in the case of a home invasion. And he gets so detailed that it even covers where you should hide/place guns in your home to be in the most effective locations should an emergency present itself.
  2. Front Line First Aid: In the instance of a gunshot wound, do you know exactly what to do? Do you know how to change your first-aid approach depending on where on the body the wound is? What about dealing with other common combat injuries that must be treated in the field, do you know everything there is to know about combat first aid? Ya, we did not know all of this, either.
  3.  That is where this wonderful little bonus book comes in handy. It teaches you everything you need to know to handle a wide range of real-world injuries and how you can save a life. It also covers how to treat yourself as well as how to treat another person, because you never know when you will be the only person who can save your own life and need to be prepared to do so should the instance occur where you are shot and on your own.
  4. The DYI Gunsmiths Handbook: As another bonus book, you get this guide to working on any and every type of gun you may have in your collection. It shows you how to properly work on your gun, replace parts, check the condition of interior out-of-sight components of your guns, and how to add, remove, or adapt various accessories for nearly any type of gun.
  5.  This book will save you hundreds, maybe thousands, in the long run in bills for fixing problems in your firearms. Instead of needing a professional, you can learn how to fix things yourself and be confident you did the job right. It will teach you so much that you will know every single part of your gun, how to access it to clean or change, and what every single piece does. All of this is invaluable information, especially for those doomsday preppers who will need to know how to take care of things themselves when the world falls apart.


Benefits of Spec Ops Shooting – Gaining the Natural Advantage:

The Spec Ops Shooting Program will have you shooting straighter and becoming more focused. Even in extremely dangerous and chaotic situations. In order to gain an edge over your opponent, you need to train properly. And you must know the reason behind why you do each type of training drill. This book gives you that insight and so much more that you will naturally gain an advantage over even well trained and skilled attackers.

Brian Morris leaves no stone unturned as he covers all the aspects of shooting that affect the accuracy and performance of any shooter in an active combat scenario. He has created a detailed and comprehensive walkthrough guide that will have you preparing yourself effectively for any situation you may encounter in your life. That is a key element, training effectively. 

Anyone can train or show you drills to practice with, but what sets the Spec Ops Shooting system apart from all of them is the detailed reporting he has done to include every aspect of why you do each drill and the ways you can adapt each one as you progress and improve. Plus, he does all this in an easy to understand and read format that even those with reading difficulties will understand with minimal effort.

Conclusion – Spec Ops Shooting Review :

In the end, this is a must-have guide for any shooter serious about improving their skills. Or for anyone interested in preserving their lives and the lives of all of their loved ones. It is a well laid out system that is all but guaranteed to help you improve instantly. 

Each page you read and apply will have you shooting just that much more accurately and moving through the world more deliberately. Everything you do and are aware of as you walk around during your day-to-day life will change just a bit as you become more situationally aware because of the topics covered in this professional-grade shooting guide and system of information.

It is not a question of IF you will improve your shooting skills, but rather of how quick. This is because every single drill, tip, technique, secret, and piece of information Brian Morris has so effectively laid out for you in this program improves these skills and so much more on top of them.

Plus, with a money-back guarantee, it is risk-free to try it out and begin improving your accuracy and efficiency right away. He believes so much in what he has created. He knows you will not be able to return the material once you purchase and begin to read it.

There is so much information that you will find yourself referring back to it over and over and bringing it with you into the field when you are training so that you can answer your questions during drills and technique practicing.


  • Affordable training guide that gives you plenty of professional secrets that will help you improve your shooting capabilities. Amazing value for what it carries versus what it costs.
  • Get insights into actual real-world training techniques, professional shooter secrets, and drills. This will help you to increase your overall shooting abilities. It will help you master the world of a self-defense shooting too.
  • Learn everything you need to know to handle yourself correctly in a life or death situation. The Spec Ops Shooting guide even teaches you how to not be mistaken for an attacker by the professional police when you are engaged in back-and-forth shooting with a terrorist or active shooter. This is critical information that could keep you from being mistaken for an enemy and shot by responding officers.


  • Online/ebook only, so you must have an internet connection to download the materials and a compatible device to read them. But if you are reading this Spec Ops Shooting program review, then both requirements are probably already met.
  • Self-paced, self-directed learning. You are the main factor in how much this program will help you. IF you are motivated and dedicated, then you will improve your abilities immensely. If you just thumb through and pick out a page here and there to read, then you will improve only by as much as you read and apply.


Summary – An Overall Synopsis of The Spec Ops Shooting System:

 This must-have guide is perfect for any and every shooter. It doesn’t matter the skill level or amount of training you have had; this book can help you improve your skills with both shooting and general self-defense. It shows you how the best in the world train and the techniques, drills, and even tips they are supplied with to sharpen their skills. If it is good enough for them, then it is more than good enough for you!


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