Best Monofins For Swimming Reviews

Are you enamored of water sports? If yes, this article is what you need! Here are the reviews of the 13 best monofins for swimming to conquer your training sessions!

Which ones are the favorite gadgets in your swimming equipment collection? A pair of swim fins to accelerate in the water or the swim goggles to protect your eyes?

Wait a minute! Let me tell you something! You might need a monofin to master your swimming skills! The next lines will tell you why.

As you know, fish can swim very well. Oh, probably they have a tail to make them experts in the underwater world. How about humans? Don’t worry, the invention of monofin is already here. Whenever you put on your swim cap, equip your feet with a monofin!

Like any other product, there is a wide range of monofins developed by several companies. And of course, the quality of each is not the same. This should be a problem that causes you to think a lot!

Join me to find out the best monofins for swimming in 2022 now!

What Is A Monofin?

Have you ever experienced swim fins? Well, monofins are actually one of them, but instead of two separate blades, your feet will be attached to a single unit. Monofins have been around since the early 1970s.

If swim paddles generate more power for your hands, a monofin will provide you with strong kicks for speedup. A monofin will also give you the feeling of being a siren when you swim. Just one word to describe this: awesome!

In the world, there are a lot of records broken with monofins. Buy one and you can improve your performance to a great extent. Seeing is believing. Here is how it looks like to swim with a monofin:

What Are The Best Monofins For Swimming?

Best Monofins For Swimming Reviews

Don’t let you wait any longer. There are thousands of products out there, and I have investigated and set up a short list of 13 best monofins for swimming in 2022. Let’s see how they challenge your expectations!

Best Monofins For Swimming Overall: Fin Fun Advanced Monofin

“Affordable price for a monofin, suits both kids and adults, nice textures on the blade.”

Best Budget: Adjustable Mermaid Tails Swim Monofin

“An optimum choice for young swimmers, size varies thanks to accommodating velcro.”

Best For Freediving: Finis Rapid Monofin

“Endorsed by an athletic crush, unbeatable versatility, as rapid as its name.”

Best For Finswimming: Finis Foil Monofin

“The original yellow-colored design, a sharp weapon for you to move sharply.”

Best For Training: Finis Trainer 1 Monofin

“Aims at competitive athletes, a boost for skillful performances.”

Best For Adults: Sun Tails Mermaid Monofin

“Like the nature of sunlight, it comes in a variety of colors.”

Fastest Monofin: Finis Shooter Monofin

“Mimic a square rather than a tail, makes moving at the speed of lightning possible.”

Best For Mermaid Tail: Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin

“Safety instructions included, one unique design, loved by both girls and boys.”

Best For Kids: Body Glove Mermaid Linden Kids Monofin

“Specifically designed for kids, delightfully built, match the taste of your children.”

Best For Beginners: Body Glove Adult Mermaid Linden Monofin

“Fish scales on the pocket, format structure looks real, super comfortable.”

Best For Girls: Mahina Mermaid Classic Swim Monofin

“Purely environmental, appealingly decorated, an extraordinary toy.”

Detailed Reviews Of 13 Best Monofins For Swimming In 2022

Don’t leave too soon! The next words are worth reading! I’m going to tell you about the stories of 13 best monofins for swimming at the present time. Their features will definitely surprise you. Trust me! The 10 minutes of your life won’t be wasted!

1.Fin Fun Advanced Monofin for swimming

Fin Fun Advanced Monofin for swimming


Subtitle – Best Overall

This monofin is also known as the AMP, which stands for Advanced Monofin Pro. “Ah, I have heard this name somewhere” is the sentence you might utter when you’re reading about the Fin Fun Advanced Monofin.

The polypropylene insert is rigid but unbreakable, giving you massive propulsion as well as extreme flexibility. Meanwhile, the control of your body will be promoted by the interior foot pad.

There is a center sean that stabilizes your feet when you kick in the water. Reinforced tips and comfortable foot pockets are also something you can expect from the Fin Fun Advanced Monofin.

The manufacturers do not attach any painful straps to this monofin. Therefore, it would be straightforward for you to take them off your feet for safety.

  • The insert is engineered not to crack
  • Hold your feet securely and comfortably
  • Open toe allows water to go through
  • Facilitate butterfly workout
  • Wear and tear is prevented
  • Inexpensive despite good quality
  • People with wide feet may not found it ideal

Editor’s take: I can see how your heart yearns to own the Fin Fun Advanced Monofin after discovering its features.

2.Adjustable Mermaid Tails Swim Monofin

Adjustable Mermaid Tails Swim Monofin


Subtitle – Best Budget

The monofin is built for children at the age of 6 to 12. Its material is soft, non-abrasive TPR, which is safe for your kids’ sensitive skin. The foot pocket fits the feet with pleasure.

Adjustable velcro strap solves the problems of kids with big feet. What’s more, the strap is loose just enough for users to quickly take it off in dangerous situations. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Multicolor design is a confidence boost for your children. In addition to giving an exclusive look, the Adjustable Mermaid Tails Swim Monofin will supply the lessons of dolphin kicks and how to balance the underwater motions.

  • Quick-release construction
  • Ultimate comfort for the feet
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Expedite dolphin workout
  • Non-slip bottom design
  • Not for adults
  • Not optimal to use in the beach

Editor’s take: Never let your children make use of this monofin without your supervision in any circumstances.

3.Finis Rapid Monofin

Finis Rapid Monofin


Subtitle – Best For Freediving

There are a lot of things that you can benefit from the Finis Rapid Monofin. When wearing this swim fin, your core and legs are allowed to work simultaneously. The open toe and heel perfectly fit feet in different sizes no matter you’re a kid or an adult.

Adjustable heel straps are easy to release for any safety needs. Every of your dolphin kicks in the water is also supported and simplified. The ridges push for flexion while the patented single blade promotes undulations.

With the Finis Rapid Monofin, approximately 60% of your muscle is activated! The monofin can be utilized in different water environments such as pool, lake and even ocean.

What distinguishes this monofin from others is the signature of Pablo Morales on its blade. He employed the fin once in the Olympic Games and came first in the competition. The professional was then awarded a gold medal.

  • Help generate more power in the water
  • Versatile anywhere
  • The blade is big enough for acceleration
  • Security and safety guaranteed
  • May tear within a particular time
  • A little bit heavy

Editor’s take: The Finis Rapid Monofin is semi-rigid, which means it will bend but still remain its shape when you undulate.

4.Finis Foil Monofin

Finis Foil Monofin


Subtitle – Best For Finswimming

Costing less than $100, the Finis Foil Monofin is too good to be ignored. By generating your leg muscles, the fin provides you with propulsive dolphin kicks and effective undulations as you glide through the water.

The open toe space is super comfortable. The swim fin gives you not only the correct foil motion but also the equal use of up and down kick.

Its technique channels are extremely functional, keeping the flex of the fin under control right the moment you join the water. 

One thing to mention is the proprietary combination of the blade angle and the hydrodynamic vents. With this advantageous synthesis, a natural kick cycle is operated energetically, accompanied by continuous forward propulsion.

  • Large surface to gather power
  • Not so snug as other monofins
  • Two individual foot pockets
  • Fit even with swim socks
  • Open heel urges the creation of motion
  • Wide toe area
  • The fin can break if you don’t look after it

Editor’s take: Don’t be afraid of public swimming pools because this monofin will allow you to swim in a lane with many people with its rubber blade.

5.Finis Trainer 1 Monofin

Finis Trainer 1 Monofin


Subtitle – Best For Training

Made it from long fiberglass, this monofin is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their swimming skills. All the muscles of your body are enhanced from abs, lower back to quads and glutes

The blade is strong, stiff, and straight, helping you propel through the water as fast as possible. This swim fin is considered an aid in lengthening stroke.

More advanced swimmers would love the Finis Trainer 1 Monofin as their legs can freely move in wet conditions. Under the pressure of water, the user’s body will be balanced from top to toe.

The motion in feet and ankle is also stimulated, making every movement, every kick, or every dolphin workout dynamic and vigorous.

  • A total blast for acceleration
  • Generate power effectively
  • Fit like a glove to your feet
  • Strengthen your legs to a great extent
  • Balance the control when moved
  • Not an option for beginners

Editor’s take: When you practice, put on the Finis Trainer 1 Monofin as it gives you better stamina and keeps you from being exhausted.

6.Sun Tails Mermaid Monofin

Sun Tails Mermaid Monofin


Subtitle – Best For Adults

The Sun Tails Mermaid Monofin is probably the only swim fin that has two patents on the market. It gets your big “wow”, doesn’t it? Let’s discover its unbeatable quality, function, and design!

With an adjustable velcro strap, the monofin promises to offer you tight security. Thicker neoprene material in the foot pocket delivers pleasure and satisfaction in the water. You can turn and flip impressively like a mermaid!

The separate foot pockets make sure your ankle will not rub together. The pocket will stretch when it is wet, so if you have any problem wearing the fin, get it wet first!

  • More durable engineered plastic
  • Built to last
  • 1-year warranty offer from the producers
  • Your feet will be cushioned by soft fabric
  • Include replacements for rips, tears and breaks as gifts
  • Hard to wear when using for the first time

Editor’s take: It’s a pity that you can not share this monofin with your wide-feet friends because the pocket will stretch so much that your feet can’t fit in anymore.

7.Finis Shooter Monofin

Finis Shooter Monofin


Subtitle – Fastest Monofin

There are several reasons why I sort the Finis Shooter Monofin out as the swiftest swim fin. Do you want to know what the reasons are? Keep on reading!

Its blade is nothing like as long as other monofins. Yes, it’s short and stiff as well. This is the key point to create a race pace tempo. 

By building core muscles, the monofin facilitates strong movements in butterfly style and composed strokes in the water. The short fiberglass pocket donates to the fit and ankle remarkable flexibility.

Hip-generated dolphin kicks will be made simple. You will also benefit from the streamlining adjustments. Stroke-decay is prevented entirely. 

The Finis Shooter Monofin is suitable for a number of underwater activities. Breaststroke recovery drills, backstroke underwater, and slide kicking are what can be supported by using this fin.

  • Help develop technique and power
  • The short blade cut the water deeply and rapidly
  • Rubber foot pockets redouble comfort
  • Ideal for butterfly training
  • Rather difficult to get on and off

Editor’s take: To my best knowledge, you might need to size up when buying the Finis Shooter Monofin, or it can cause some blisters.

8.Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin

Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin


Subtitle – Best For Mermaid Tail

With double layers of grade neoprene at the tips, the Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin has a very durable cloth outside. Inside is a polypropylene insert that is engineered to be unbreakable. The unit’s construction allows itself to fit in any mermaid tails!

There is no strap attached to the soft foot pocket so that you can remove the fin out of your feet with a single tug. As you propel through the water, your full body will be strengthened effectively.

Dolphin kicks are no more an energy-sapping task! Your feet are also in the most comfortable state when doing swim workout.

  • Do not crack or break
  • Affordable price
  • Monofin with top durability
  • Neutral buoyancy: never weigh you down
  • Tight enough for security
  • Adults can not utilize this monofin

Editor’s take: If you are bored of the tedious black color, then put the Fin Fun Mermaid Monofin in a tail and become a fancy mermaid!

9.Body Glove Mermaid Linden Kids Monofin

Body Glove Mermaid Linden Kids Monofin


Subtitle – Best For Kids

I would say this is the top-rated kid monofin in the world! If you already have a favorite swim fin for yourself, treat your kid with one too! Let’s see how this fin earns love from the young swimmer.

The foot pockets are set apart, one for the right foot and another for the left foot. Each of them is equipped with a quick adjusting strap. The easy-out pull loops and rubberized edges add up the security for the feet.

Under the cover layer is a soft foam insert that can be detached. If you take out the insert, the monofin’s size can be changed. 

Teens who are either capable swimmers or amateurs can all obtain better control of the body. The main reason why kids fall for the Body Glove Mermaid Linden Kids Monofin is that it can be accommodated in a shimmertail.

  • A cheap swimming accessory
  • Ergonomically designed for preeminent comfort
  • Superfine material for kids
  • Come in bright colors for boys and girls
  • Allow freediving
  • A product for kids only
  • Not so long-lasting

Editor’s take: Thankfully, you gave birth to an adorable child, and if he/she is an aquaholic, please give him/her a fin too!

10.Body Glove Adult Mermaid Linden 

Body Glove Adult Mermaid Linden 


Subtitle – Best For Beginners

Have you just taken up recently? If yes, these words are for you. Alright, my dear readers, in swimming sport, the basic steps are of great importance. You – the new swimmers, need this Body Glove Adult Mermaid Linden Monofin more than anyone else!

This monofin is extremely convenient, thanks to the adjustable TPR straps with buckles that are easy to release. There are two separate foot pockets that bring you pleasure when you let your feet in.

The high-efficiency water channels contribute to your body manipulation. This fin comes with many offerings. You will be presented with a pair of neoprene socks and a reusable monofin travel backpack.

  • Many gifts included
  • Rubberized fin edges for greater safety
  • Maximum propulsive thrust supported
  • Suitable for fabric tails
  • Lovely models
  • Not the most durable monofin

Editor’s take: How would it get any better when you purchase a beloved gadget and are endowed extra accessories?

11.Mahina Mermaid Classic Swim Monofin

Mahina Mermaid Classic Swim Monofin


Subtitle – Best For Girls

Have you ever heard of the name “Mahina”? Well, Mahina is a Hawaiian moon goddess. And the monofin that is named after this spirit is a real treasure!

The Mahina Mermaid Classic Swim Monofin is one of the first eco-friendly swim fins on the globe. Made it from recycled rubber, the fin still has some noteworthy features.

You are totally able to be granted both grace and agility. Its sleek design looks so real that you can imagine yourself as a mermaid. When in dangerous or risky situations, you are allowed to detach the equipment by a flick of your ankle.

  • A recreational gadget that saves the environment
  • Do not cause blistering
  • Functional as a monofin
  • Good-looking appearance
  • Massive speedup for swimming
  • Call for a pair of fin socks
  • Too big to fit in a tail

Editor’s take: The Mahina Mermaid Classic Swim Monofin will furnish you with the speed of an aquatic creature. 

12.Finis Luna Monofin 

Finis Luna Best Monofins For Swimming


The Most Beautiful Monofin

The Finis Luna Monofin is the swim fin that fascinates me the most. I just can’t wait to tell you about it! The paragraphs below will explain why I’m excited that much!

Iridescent, shimmering, and rainbowlike are descriptive words to illustrate this monofin. It will make your heart melt the moment you see it!

Inspired by the legends of mermaids and the vivid color of the ocean, the Finis Luna Monofin is made from a very special material: translucent silicone. Under the sun, its blade reflects shades of light with a magical glow. 

With an adjustable silicone strap, the fin permits you to wear it despite growing up. Graceful movements are promoted by the power generated from the hip when you ripple through the water. 

Its crescent shape, together with rippled edges, help you create a wave-like motion. The construction saves wearers from chafing and foot cramps. Two divided foot pockets enable you to kick strongly without having your feet bump into each other.

You are also entitled to dance freely and be free from getting crunched owing to the open toe. There are detailed scale textures on the blade. They look real!

  • Delicately as well as ingeniously built
  • Promise a contentment delivery
  • Provide forward acceleration
  • Easy to use
  • Too small for wide-feet people

Editor’s take: Leave behind all the technology devices, put on the Finis Luna Monofin, and then enter the world of magic.

13.Finis Aquarius Monofin 

Finis Aquarius Best Monofins For Swimming


Best For Leisure Pursuit

Inspired by the legendary tales, the Finis Aquarius Monofin has a fun design that everyone would love. The silicone foot straps are easy-adjust and quick-release at the same time.

By delivering the lessons about balanced dolphin kicks, this monofin helps you propel with ease. Besides high speeds, the strategically placed vents facilitate technique maintenance.

Its foot pocket is made from soft TPR, which prevents users from getting irritated while being in the water. The good news is that the Finis Aquarius Monofin is one of the swim fins that can fit in your fabric tail!

  • Can be removed swiftly for safety
  • Soft materials provide comfort
  • Help improve dolphin kick performance
  • Ideal to use in the pool
  • Fit both teens and adults
  • Problems arise with durability

Editor’s take: If you need a monofin to entertain in your free time, I recommend the Finis Aquarius Monofin, but remember to keep it indoor to prolong life.

Top Things To Consider Before Buying A Monofin

Top Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Monofins For Swimming

Have you decided which monofin is your preferred fin yet? I’m happy to receive a yes from you. But hold on a minute! You will regret it if you ignore this buying guide. Every single word in this section is useful for you!


The first thing you have to think about is your requirements. It is of vital importance to determine your own needs and can’t definitely find the right monofin if you skip this step. 

As you can see, I have categorized the 13 best monofins for swimming due to their unique features. You already know what each fin is designed for and now discover why you are looking for it.

For speed, you need a monofin with a short and stiff blade. The situation is different for freediving. In this case, a monofin with a long and flexible surface will help. Learn the function of all the swim fins carefully because some fins are not acceptable to use in the ocean.


This is a problem that is faced by most people. I will talk about two issues related to size so that you can easily grasp the essence of the matter. Here we go!

One thing to consider is the size of your feet. What is your foot shape? Are your feet big or small? Do you have wide feet or big toes? Ask yourself these questions then come back to your reading. I will show you what to do next.

Good job! You are able to answer all the questions, aren’t you? You then need to opt for monofins that are specifically made for large or small feet. Read the size charts deliberately. Consult the reviews as you might have to size up.

Another issue is the size of the monofin. I suggest you buy a monofin with a size that is in correlation with your corporal construction. Otherwise, you may purchase a heavy monofin for yourself and end up losing control in the water.

Additional accessories 

The comfort delivered by different monofins is not the same. Some swim fins fit snugly and do harm to your feet while some are so loose that they slip off in the water. 

My advice is to buy a pair of neoprene booties to aid in any situations when you feel uncomfortable.

Best Monofins For Swimming Benefits

Swimming is undoubtedly a healthy activity. People in any age group, from children to adults, can benefit from this sport. There are individuals taking up swimming as a hobby, while others take it seriously as a career.

In this article, I would especially like to put an emphasis on monofin swimming. Monofins are supportive of all kinds of swimming. No matter you are performing front crawl or breaststroke, a monofin will definitely assist your movements.

There are competitions held for professional monofin swimmers around the world. Monofins make a great contribution to breaking records of diving and swimming.

For kids, monofin swimming donates to physical development. It also helps them overcome the fears of water. For adults, monofin swimming keeps them in shape and allows them to stay healthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are monofins safe?

A: Well, monofins are gaining momentum, and so do the concerns about safety. With this in mind, the producers always attach to monofins quick-release strap so that users can easily take them off in dangerous cases. Some monofins don’t even have a velcro strap because of this reason.

Moving on to the safety of kids, although monofins do not make anyone drown, I recommend children should only use monofins under adults’ supervision.

Q: How fast can you swim with a monofin?

A: Like any other swim fins, a monofin will be super supportive and propulsive in the water. As a general truth, you will be able to fasten your movements more with a monofin than your bare feet.

Around the world, there are hundreds of swimmers utilizing monofins in competitive environments. Monofins are also considered as a factor having an influence on world records.

Q: Can you swim in a mermaid tail without a monofin?

A: Absolutely not. When you buy a tail that is used for water sports, you will need a monofin to propel through the water. Otherwise, all you can do is to struggle in a fabric cloth. You can’t even swim, either.

Q: Does a mermaid tail include a monofin inside?

A: No. They are separate accessories. A mermaid tail is nothing more than a fabric cloth. You will need to purchase an individual monofin so that you can swim with a tail. 

Remember to choose the best monofins for swimming that matches with your needs. Monofins themselves have diverse functions.

Best Monofins for swimming – Conclusion 

Monofins are totally beneficial and magical at the same time. A monofin not only helps you improve your performance in swimming sessions but also gives you the feeling of being a living mermaid.

I love monofins, and I know you love them too. For this reason, I have done my best to share with all of you the knowledge of 13 best monofins for swimming in 2022. 

To summarize my article, I will shortlist here some outstanding products. My pick for the best overall is the Fin Fun Advanced Monofin. Should you be a diver, I bet you would fall in love with the Finis Rapid Monofin.

The Sun Tails Mermaid Monofin would be a perfect swim fin for adults. And for beginners, I recommend the Body Glove Adult Mermaid Linden Monofin.

Ah, do you want to know which are the best monofins for swimming for me? My beloved monofin is the Finis Luna Monofin. Hey! Finis Luna Monofin team! Anybody here? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you all enjoy swimming with a monofin on your feet. Thanks for reading!


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