Best Neoprene Swim Caps Reviews

Expressly, in this article, I’m writing about swim caps. In other words, this is an informative sheet about 10 best neoprene swim caps for the time being. My only expectation is that you will be able to elect the good-enough gadget for your swimming workouts.

The accessories in your swim kit make you full of beans when you join the water. There’s no doubt about that! So remember to prepare yourself carefully once you arrive at the pool!

The first basic piece of apparatus you have to apply on your body is a swimsuit. It would be a failure to wear jeans and T-shirts while engaging in water-based activities, right?

Then you demand swimming goggles to protect your eyes and ear plugs to save your ears from water. If you’re a beginner, you would be in need of a nose clip as it helps in controlling your breath. Don’t miss a swim cap on top of your head, either!

Now we shall begin!

Neoprene Vs Silicone Swim Caps – Which Ones Are Worth Buying?

Neoprene, also known as polychloroprene, is a result of the polymerization of chloroprene. Its flexibility hovers at almost the same level even when enduring a wide range of temperatures. 

Contemplating its advantageous features, people make use of neoprene to manufacture several product lines such as protective equipment, kitchen utensils, gardening tools, etc.

Neoprene caps often have seams and straps. They are generally in dark colors.

Silicone or polysiloxane is popular besides neoprene. With resistance to heat and the ability to prevent air from penetrating, silicone is employed in medicine, thermal insulation, and so on.

Silicone caps have multicolor variants. They are engineered with ease of use.

Both neoprene and silicone swim caps are ubiquitous as well as durable. However, neoprene caps are thicker. Hence, if you plan to go swimming in cold water, I recommend a neoprene swim cap rather than a silicone, lycra or latex one.

Where To Buy Neoprene Swim Caps Near Me?

I bet you all want to pay for the best neoprene swim caps so that you can achieve some certain goals in your natation. Swimming gear influences your performances, and performances embody who you are.

Neoprene swim caps are popular. That means you can easily find one in any swim shop. Generally, you are entitled to either purchase a swim cap directly at stores or order it online.

Both traditional shopping and online shopping have strong points in disparate areas. When going to a mall, you will be granted the chance to experience real products. Meanwhile, procurement systems on the Internet will help you compare between commodities.

Remember to confer on the caps you’re going to buy by seeking information on the websites or asking your peers for advice. Be careful because you might purchase fake products with poor quality.

The Best Neoprene Swim Caps

Do you manage to keep abreast of the best neoprene swim caps this year? Keep calm if the answer is no. I will name the top 10 with short descriptions right now! Don’t miss this out!

Best Overall: Blueseventy Thermal Skull Neoprene Swim Cap

“Fits both men and women, provides remarkable warmth, visible in open water”

Best Budget: NeoSport Premium Neoprene Swim Cap

“Practical for a lot of water activities, accommodates long hair efficiently”

Best For Cold Water: Zone3 Neoprene Swim Cap

“Comes in bright colors, comfortable, durable, and functional”

Best For Kids: Thermal Orca Neoprene Swim Cap

“Good-looking appearance, prevents vertigo, pleasant enough to wear”

Best For Long Hair: Xterra Wetsuits Neoprene Swim Cap

“Built from high-quality material, exclusive warranty policy offered”

Best To Keep Hair Dry: Synergy Neoprene Swim Cap

“Has a wide range of applications, diverse size options”

Best For Open Water Swimming: Orca HI VIS Neoprene Swim Cap

“Outstanding look, cozy, easeful, prolongs swimming sessions”

Best For Triathlons: ROKA Neoprene Swim Cap

“Long-lasting, black-colored design, costs reasonably”

Best For Training: TYR Hi-Vis Neoprene Swim Cap

“Striped construction, covers your head entirely, adequately tight”


Detailed Reviews Of The Best Neoprene Swim Caps

Preference arises from differences. The 10 best neoprene swim caps have unlike specifications. Join me to discover their features and see how they challenge your expectations!

1. Blueseventy Thermal Skull Neoprene Swim Cap

Blueseventy Thermal Skull Neoprene Swim Cap


Subtitle – Best Overall

The Blueseventy Thermal Skull Neoprene Swim Cap is definitely the best of the best. With yamamoto SCS coated neoprene, you will have the opportunity to experience amenity, not to mention the insulation delivered by full zirconium lining design.

The central panel is soft and flexible, building up fitness productively. A strap is attached in order to tighten the unit on your head, giving a tolerable heat to your ears as well as chin.

Not only open water enthusiasts but also triathletes all over the world fall in love with the Blueseventy Thermal Skull Neoprene Swim Cap.

You can get enjoyment out of chilly water thanks to great materials built with advanced technology. A thermal treatment elevates the caps by Blueseventy to an upper level.

Water absorption is reduced to a great extent with the structure of the internal jersey.


  • Warmth is enhanced by the incorporation of hollowed wool liners
  • The chin strap provides secure fit
  • Inner design distributes comfort and pleasure to users
  • Efficiently keeps your hair dry


  • The strap does not allow regulation
  • Sticks with one color: black

Editor’s take: You can apply a separate cap in bright color on the Blueseventy Thermal Skull Neoprene Swim Cap to improve its visibility.

2. NeoSport Premium Neoprene Swim Cap

NeoSport Premium Neoprene Swim Cap


Subtitle – Best Budget

Despite being cheap, the NeoSport Premium Neoprene Swim Cap is a master with regard to comfort. Its name gives away the material used to build: premium neoprene.

Getting rid of the chill with moderate thickness and good thermal protection is an extraordinary ability of this beanie. In addition to the anatomical shape, a multi-adjustable neck cinch is what you can expect from the NeoSport Premium Neoprene Swim Cap.

The producers use flatlock seams, hoping to provide wearers with superior comfort. You can sense a snug fit together with sufficient warmth around your head which allows you to stay longer in the water.


  • D-ring adjustable velcro strap
  • Full-hood design delivers heat comprehensively
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Simple construction for ease of use
  • Comes in various sizes


  • Dark color restricts visualness

Editor’s take: With the Neosport Premium Neoprene Swim Cap, you can take part in a variety of water sports such as scuba diving, wakeboarding, swimming and so on.

3. Zone3 Neoprene Swim Cap

Zone3 Neoprene Swim Cap


Subtitle – Best For Cold Water

Frigid water is no more a big problem because there’s already an optimal solution to it: the Zone3 Neoprene Swim Cap!

The Yamamoto Smoothskin material successfully builds a hydrodynamic unit. A block panel bends onto your head, preventing water from flowing into your ears.

The under-chin velcro strap is able to accommodate heads in different sizes. What’s more, the users will not get choked by the strap most of the time. Swimmers can also be supported in retaining their goggles with a high friction exterior.


  • Features phenomenal thickness of 4mm
  • Adjustable chin strap facilitates fitness
  • Easy to recognize due to bright colors
  • Stops heat loss from happening


  • Big and unaesthetic seams

Editor’s take: Swimmers can dream of a massive speedup in freezing water environments owing to the hydrodynamics as well as enjoyment they receive.

4. Thermal Orca Neoprene Swim Cap

Thermal Orca Neoprene Swim Cap


Subtitle – Best For Kids

People from different age brackets have a desire to immerse themselves in the cold open water. The Thermal Orca Neoprene Swim Cap satisfies the demand of aquaholics no matter how old they are.

By mixing vibrant colors, the manufacturers of Thermal have invented a swim cap with eye-catching textures on black background. The neoprene layer is 3mm thick, promising to warm you up in the water with low temperatures.

The chin strap allows a precise fit. If you’re afraid of losing your cap while swimming too fast, the Thermal Orca Neoprene Swim Cap will completely erase your fear.


  • Has small sizes for young swimmers
  • Supplies satisfying heat
  • Allows user to stay in the water for a large amount of time
  • Appealing look for a neoprene swim cap
  • Changeable velcro strap


  • Water osmotic neoprene layer

Editor’s take: Every part of your head from ears to chin will be covered and protected thoroughly.

5. Xterra Wetsuits Neoprene Swim Cap

Xterra Wetsuits Neoprene Swim Cap


Subtitle – Best For Long Hair

If you’re striving to be a professional swimmer or a skilful triathlete, you might need a helping hand from the Xterra Wetsuits Neoprene Swim Cap! That’s also the target of the producers: help train the future water sports experts.

Delicate neoprene fabric constructs a watertight seal, preparing a considerable warmup for your ears, head, and chin. By minimizing water absorption, the Xterra Wetsuits Neoprene Swim Cap does you a favor regarding workouts in cold condition.

The chin strap is super comfortable as it fits your head perfectly and holds the cap tight during your swimming sessions.


  • Durable as time passes by
  • Saves you from chilly water for a considerably long time
  • The strap is tight enough
  • Suits your head utterly


  • The chin strap is not an adjustable one

Editor’s take: The Xterra Wetsuits Neoprene Swim Cap keep you snug as a bug in a rug in spite of low temperatures.

6. Synergy Neoprene Swim Cap

Synergy Neoprene Swim Cap


Subtitle – Best To Keep Hair Dry

The Synergy Neoprene Swim Cap is engineered from top-rated materials for swimming gear. Cast a glance at its whole construction and you will immediately crave for it!

Looking at the cover, the SCS coated smoothskin aims at low friction as well as excellent heat retention and insulation. On top of the unit is a reflective logo in case of safety. The soft inside lining provides ultimate comfort to the wearers.

The hood protects you from brow to neck with a very soft, flexible chin strap for easier breathing.

Customers around the globe use the Synergy Neoprene Swim Cap for a lot of activities, namely swimming, surfing, and diving.


  • The strap ensures security
  • Softness gives pleasure and enjoyment
  • A multitasker in the water
  • Decrease the amount of water absorbed


  • Only one variant with dark color

Editor’s take: The Synergy Neoprene Swim Cap is a unisex model, suiting both male and female swimmers.

7. Orca HI VIS Neoprene Swim Cap

Orca HI VIS Neoprene Swim Cap


Subtitle – Best For Open Water Swimming

Visibility is one of the top priorities when it comes to open water swimming. Why? Because you can be deprived of your swim cap in the ocean forever. 

With this in mind, ORCA has come up with the invention of the Orca HI VIS Neoprene Swim Cap. The phrase “HI VIS” stands for high visibility. The swim cap is decorated with bright orange textures.

Made from 100% neoprene, the Orca HI VIS Neoprene Swim Cap master its job in insulating and providing heat. The strap comfortably tightens the hood on your head for maximum security.


  • Superior thermal protection offered
  • Visible in any water environment
  • Easy to use
  • Supplies adequate warmth
  • Maintains your body temperature


  • No hope for keeping hair dry

Editor’s take: You can now feel more confident to swim in open water as the Orca HI VIS Neoprene Swim Cap will help seeking aid for your survival.

8. ROKA Neoprene Swim Cap

ROKA Neoprene Swim Cap


Subtitle – Best For Triathlons

Following a three-panel design, the ROKA Neoprene Swim Cap is engineered with ultrastretch liners. It has joined several training sessions of even the most intensive swimmers.

To every single contour of your head, the hood can stretch freely thanks to glue and blindstitch construction. A built-in chin strap guarantees security in lots of fierce competitions.

By making use of heat tape, the producers of ROKA reinforce the seams for massive durability. The ROKA Neoprene Swim Cap makes insulation a simple task despite cold water.

Its pliable liner does a wonderful job in facilitating slipping on and off. Moreover, the chin strap is highly appreciated as it never cuts or chaffs the users’ necks.


  • The technology of heat tape augments durability
  • The chin strap helps stabilize the hood efficiently
  • Can be taken on and off with ease
  • Stretchy liners accommodate heads in different shapes.
  • Offers insulation in cold water


  • Not very visible
  • Rather too tight as the strap is not adjustable

Editor’s take: The ROKA Neoprene Swim Cap has its logo printed on three sides of the hood.

9. TYR Hi-Vis Neoprene Swim Cap

TYR Hi-Vis Neoprene Swim Cap

Subtitle – Best For Training

TYR has expressed their passion for competitions. With this spirit, they realize manufacturing products with high quality is not just a goal but a demand needing satisfying. Understanding the needs of a water sports devotee, TYR has invented the TYR Hi-Vis Neoprene Swim Cap.

The yellow and black striped design acts as a boost for visibility in the ocean. A built-in chin strap allows strong movements in the water whereas extreme comfort is provided by the flexible central panel.

The TYR Hi-Vis Neoprene Swim Cap holds wearers in warm condition even when in the chilly water. Giving a skin-tight fit, the hood brings a sense of security right in the ocean.


  • Unmistakable visualness
  • Promotes heat by a snug fit
  • Reasonable price for a neoprene swim cap
  • Suits both professionals and amateurs


  • Too tight due to non-adjustable strap

Editor’s take: The TYR Hi-Vis Neoprene Swim Cap will help you discover and challenge yourself in the open water. Just be brave!

10. 2XU Neoprene 

2XU Neoprene 


Best for people with latex allergy

I’m sure you hear about 2XU at least once in your life. This Australian company was founded in 2005 with a big reputation. Its products have been endorsed by famous athletes from more than 40 countries worldwide.

And today, the name 2XU turns up because of having invented the great 2XU Neoprene Swim Cap that I’m going to talk about.

Whenever you’re in or out of water, you will get pleasure from wearing this hood. Made from 100% neoprene, the 2XU Neoprene Swim Cap is super durable in spite of being employed in cold water condition.A secure fit is ensured by a strap under the chin.


  • A durable neoprene swim cap
  • Fits your head perfectly with a chin strap
  • 100% latex-free
  • Remains efficient in tough training sessions


  • Not ideal for visibility
  • Requires hand wash

Editor’s take: With a snug fit, the 2XU Neoprene Swim Cap provides you with adequate warmth to enjoy the cold water.

Tops Things To Take Under Consideration When Buying 

Fins and paddles are not the only contributors to your acceleration. That’s why your underwater workouts necessitate a swim cap. Therefore, I have picked the 10 best neoprene swim caps to help you reach a sensible decision.

Neoprene swim caps are not hard to buy but knowing how to choose the right one is difficult. Do you think so? Let me help you out with this buying guide!

Material – Everyone knows that neoprene swim caps are made from neoprene. There’s no doubt about that. But listen, my friends. There are different types of neoprene fabrics such as smoothskin, yamamoto SCS, yamamoto 39, etc.

Besides neoprene, the producers also make use of other kinds of materials to manufacture neoprene swim caps. What you have to pay attention to are the stretchy liners of the hood.

If you have long hair, you had better choose the caps that are able to stretch so that your head can conform effectively. They will also provide you with a more comfortable fit.

Size – Another thing to consider is sizing problems. Before you purchase a neoprene swim cap, have your head measured. I suggest you should not make any estimates because the results are usually incorrect.

If you take notice of the details of the products written above, you will discover that almost all neoprene swim caps have a chin strap for security. 

Should the strap be adjustable, you can regulate the hood so that you can get a correct fit. On the contrary, non-adjustable straps will not allow you to make any regulation. Sounds miserable, right?

In a nutshell, to prevent the worst incidents happening, measure your head dimensions first then move on to choosing your swim caps’s size!


Neoprene swim caps are made from the same materials that are used to build wetsuits. On the whole, these types of caps are engineered for triathletes or swimmers in open environments, especially cold water.

The exclusive function of neoprene swim caps is the supply of heat around your head. Since you will be working in low temperature conditions, your ears and chin will be wrapped with thick neoprene layers.

Regular exposure to frigid water also makes your hair dry. For girls, this is a tough issue. A neoprene swim cap provides a snug fit, limiting the access of water to your hair. In addition, it will prevent liquid from being trapped in your ear canal.

Normally, there is a built-in chin strap to stabilize the unit. Caps made from neoprene do not come in multicolor variants and models. However, neoprene caps cost approximately three times as much as silicone or latex ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to silicone swim caps, neoprene caps are less popular. Therefore, there are still a lot of questions raised about hoods built from neoprene. I have sorted out some of the most frequently asked. I hope you find them useful.

Q: Do I need a neoprene swim cap?

A: As referred to above, neoprene swim caps are designed for open water swimming. If you are a devotee of this activity, the answer is definitely yes!

Materials like silicone, latex or lycra are not capable of distributing adequate warmth to your body when training in cold water. Meanwhile, neoprene excels at this job as it is an insulating barrier against the chill!

I do not recommend using neoprene swim caps in pools because it might be a little bit too hot. In this case, a silicone swim cap is more suitable!

Q: Do neoprene swim caps keep you warm?

A: Absolutely! Neoprene swim caps aim at warming you up! If you want to conquer your swimming sessions in the winter, a neoprene cap is a must-have gadget. It would be perfect when you wear a swimsuit that matches with your swim cap. Just get extra heat!

Q: Do neoprene swim caps keep hair dry?

A: No. Neoprene swim caps can not keep your hair dry entirely. They can only minimize the amount of water absorbed. That’s all.

In fact, neoprene is a rubber-like material. It’s not waterproof. Under the skin-tight barriers, neoprene swim caps do hold a little water. The temperature of the water rises over time due to your body warmth and insulation of the caps.

Q: Are there any tips to preserve neoprene swim caps?

A: Of course, yes! Although neoprene swim caps are durable, you need to take great care of your caps whenever you’re done with them. You really want to maintain their efficiency for future use, don’t you?

Here are steps you need to follow: rinse, dry, clean, and then store. You can look up on the internet for further information.


Neoprene swim caps worth a purchase! You can’t survive in the cold water if you don’t have heat support from a neoprene cap. I’m sure!

If you desire to be a master in the underwater world, you have just read the right post. I’ve been working hard to investigate the market and make a list of 10 best neoprene swim caps that dominate this year.

To conclude my article, I would offer the crown to the Blueseventy Thermal Skull Neoprene Swim Cap. Although being rather pricey, I recommend it as an optimum choice for high-end consumers.

The Zone3 Neoprene Swim Cap will help control your body in frigid water by providing remarkable heat. If you’re allergic to latex, the 2XU Neoprene Swim Cap promises to enhance your performances effectively with 100% latex-free materials.

All the neoprene swim caps mentioned have unique features and functions. Which one is your favorite? Speak for yourself by leaving a comment below!

By the way, don’t forget to share this article with your friends! Thanks for reading!


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