Top 9 Best Target Arrows In 2022

As a hunter selecting the right bow is as essential as choosing the best target arrows. Selecting the right product needs research and proper guideline. Same as a bow, it is important to focus on its measurement, length, stiffness, weight, and shape. Although many arrows are available in the market, choosing the right one that fits your bow is difficult, especially for an inexperienced hunter.

Here are reviews of some of the best target arrows, to make sure you choose the right one. Before buying the perfect arrow, always focus on its formulation. The speed of any target arrows relies upon the draw length, limb material, bowstring material, the weight of the arrow, the wand situation, and type of fletching, and draw weight of the bow.

The speed of an arrow is always dependent upon weather, in rain and humidity the arrow flight can slow down. The greater the arrow speed, the flatter its arrow course and the slight deviation it endures from the storm.

The compound bow arrows can fly with a maximum speed of 350 feet per second, while, longbow arrows are heavy, so they travel at a slow speed. On the other hand, recurve arrows can travel with a maximum speed of 230 feet per second.

Best Target Arrows

1. Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow Arrows 16075

Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow Arrows 16075


Barnett outdoor carbon arrow is one of the accurate and fast arrows made by carbon. This information is best for those shooters who like to carry arrow impetus and give shocking results to their targeted mark at maximum ranges.

The look of these arrows is so unique with a durable carbon finish. The total Length of Barnett outdoor carbon arrow is 20 inches while weight is 0.07 pounds. It has three feathers and comes in a pack of five.

Key Features

  • The length of the Barnett Outdoor Carbon arrow is 20 inches.
  • The total weight is 0.07 pounds.
  • It has a carbon finish.
  • Field point
  • Comes in a pack of 5
  • It has 3 feathers
  • It gives a flatter shooting.
  • The more fast and accurate arrow
  • Gives less drift in the wind
  • The cost of this arrow is more than aluminum arrows.
  • Accessories are hard to find.

2. GPP Fiberglass Archery Target Arrows 28-inches – Beat Practice Arrow Specially For Recurve Bow

GPP Fiberglass Archery Target Arrows 28-inches


GPP fiberglass target arrows are the best practice arrows, particularly for children and beginners. These arrows are for a basic recurve bow that has a draw weight below 45 pounds. GPP fiberglass arrows have a special bullet fixed point, which is the best part for beginners. High-quality fiberglass uses in manufacturing, although it gives a good balance.

The bullet tip round in shape and stainless steel nickel-plated. It provides accuracy, which is the best in practice target shooting. The high-quality rubber tail does not damage the bowstring. It comes in 12 pieces, and the outer diameter is 7mm while having a white nock. Plastic vanes of 2 orange and one green. GPP Fiberglass Target Arrows are the best arrows for recurve target shooting.

Key features

  • The total length of the fiberglass arrow is 28 inches.
  • The outer diameter is 7mm.
  • Total weight 35 grams
  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Nickel-plated bullet tip
  • Best for beginners and practice shooting
  • It provides a good balance
  • High-quality rubber tail
  • Only for Recurve bows
  • Not much durable

3. 30-inch GPP Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows Field Points Replaceable Tips for Both Recurve and Compound Bows

30-inch GPP Archery Carbon Hunting Arrows Field Points


High-quality carbon hunting 30-inch arrows are for all types of bows. You can adjust the nocks because the nocks do not fix by glue. The super-hard black shaft has a high-quality screw tip, 100 gr steel target point, and quality vanes.

The total length of the Carbon Hunting Arrow is 30 inches. Three plastic fletchings, one white and two red. Overall, it is one of the best target arrows for recurve and compound bows. These are super lightweight and durable, having a diameter of 7.8mm, have nickel-plated stainless steel that is best for target practice.

Key features

  • Super lightweight and long carbon shafts come in a pack of 12
    fitted with alternate field points; super accuracy, nocks, and target penetration
  • 30-inch arrow comes in white and red vanes
  • Nickel-plated stainless steel tip
  • Draw weight 40 to 65 pounds bows
  • The diameter of 30-inch carbon arrows is 7.8mmThings we like
  • For long-lasting target practice
  • Reasonable
  • Durable
  • Arrow’s tip can lose after 3 rounds

4. KESHES Carbon Arrows for Compound and Recurve and long Bows

KESHES Carbon Arrows for Compound and Recurve and long Bows


KESHES Carbon Arrows are for youth kids, made of 100% carbon. These are the best practice target arrows, especially for compound bows, recurve bows, and longbows. Its shaft length is 30 inches and the nock to point measurement is 31.5 inches while the outer diameter of this carbon arrow is 0.309 inches and the inner diameter is 0.0244 inches, its spine is 500, and its weight is 35 grams.

The rock-solid shaft is super durable and the material uses in this manufacturing is high quality. Colored plastic vanes are so good. These carbon arrows have nickel-plated stainless steel tip points for the perfect shoot. Unfixable nocks give the proper adjust-ability – that you can adjust and replace it easily.

Key features

  • The Shaft length of this carbon arrow is 30 inch.
  • The length of Nock to point is 31.5 inch.
  • The outer diameter is 0.309.”
  • Inner diameter is 0.244.”
  • Spine is 500
  • Grain 13 GPI
  • The total weight of the arrow is 35 grams.
  • Suggested for up to 60lbs
  • Comes in a 12 pack
  • The arrow is super strong.
  • The material is durable.
  • Reasonable in price
  • Things we don’t like
  • The pointers come loose very easily.
  • No cons

5. Elong Fiberglass Arrows 24-Inch long shaft

Elong Fiberglass Arrows 24-Inch long shaft 


Elong fiberglass Arrow are the best arrows for target practice, adequate for draw weight up to 40 pounds. These high-quality arrows are for youth, children, women, and beginner archery. The arrow’s inner diameter is 5mm and the outer is 7mm, fixed orange nock, and 3 plastic vanes of 1 white and other 2 orange. It a special round shape bullet fixed point that is perfect for those who are new in this field.

You can say it a friendly arrow you can use it with friends and family in spare time. This durable arrow is the best for long-lasting target practice, suitable for recurve bows, having a shaft length of 24 inches and GPI of 14.66 inches.

Key features

  • The inner diameter of the arrow shaft is 5mm and the outer diameter is 7mm
  • The size of an arrow length is 24 inches.
  • The shaft material is fiberglass
  • GPI is 14.66 grain
  • Orange plastic nock
  • This arrow is perfect for beginners.
  • This is the best for target shooting.
  • This arrow is not suitable for hunting.
  • You cant replace the bullet tip and nock.
  • Arrow can damage if you use against a hard surface.

6. 28 inches ANTSIR 28 Targeting and Practice Arrows with Safety Shaft and Blunt Tip for Beginners on Recurve Bow Long Bow

28 inches ANTSIR 28 Targeting and Practice


SIR 28 inch target practice arrows are for those who are new to this field. These arrows are super durable, and consider the best arrows for target shooting, have soft plastic vanes, and especially for recurve and longbows. Twelve arrows come in a pack. They don’t make you cry because they are super reasonable.

These arrows have bullet tip, shaft length of these arrows are 28 inches while full length is 29.5 inches. The outer and inner diameter is 7mm and 5mm. The weight of an arrow is 35 grams, the main part of this ANTSIR targeting arrows are 90% fiberglass, 5% Thermoplastic polyurethane, and 5% steel. Best suited for recurve bows and longbows. It has a fixed nock that you can not change.

Key Features

  • The full length of this targeting arrow is 29.5 inches.
  • The shaft length is 29.5 inches.
  • Spine is 700
  • The outer diameter is 0.275 inches (7mm)
  • Inner diameter is 0.197 inches (5mm)
  • GPI 14.5 grain
  • The total weight is 35 gram.
  • Guaranteed straightness is ± 0.009 inches.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Best for 15 to 40 pounds bow
  • Fly smoothly
  • These arrows ate not for compound bows.
  • You can’t use it on a hard surface it will damage its point.


7. Huntingdoor Wooden Arrow Turkey Feather Fletching Target Arrows

Huntingdoor Wooden Turkey Feather Fletching Target Arrows


Hunting door specially manufactured from wood for 40 to 60 pounds longbows, recurve bows, and traditional bows. These great arrows flying accurately, have good performance and these are pre-cut, straight, and all ready to practice.

It is a perfect combo for all hunter lovers usually uses for both target practice and hunting shooting. Fixed nocks, 100 grains field points, perfectly polished, and above all handmade all these things give this arrow a classy look. Natural turkey feathers can get bend during delivery, but you can reshape them by using an iron and steamer.

The length of the hunting door is 80cm (31 inches), shaft diameter is 5/16mm, and the net weight of an arrow is 35 grams. In one pack, you can get 12 pieces.

Key features

  • The length of an arrow is 32 inches.
  • The total weight is 35g
  • Each feather is of 5 inches.
  • Inserted, 100 grains field point.
  • Suitable for 40 to 60 pounds bows
  • The shaft diameter is 5/16 mm.
  • For recurve bows and longbows
  • Durable natural wooden
  • Good speed with a low hand shock
  • Excellent performance
  • Best for target practice
  • Not for compound bow


7. PG1ARCHERY 30 Inch Carbon Arrows



30-inch carbon arrows are the best arrows for compound bow, solid and durable arrows are for long-lasting target practice. The full length of the carbon arrow is 31 inches with 4 real Turkey dying feathers while the net weight of an arrow is 27 grams (without arrow tip) hence this arrow is super light in weight, so it is easy to use in hunting practice targeting.

Nevertheless, these arrows are super good, especially if you are new to this field. Point weight is 100 and the replacement tip attach with broad-heads. 30-inch carbon arrow offers super high-speed for draw weight up to 25 to 70 compound, long, and recurve bows.

Key Features

  • The inner diameter is 6.2mm.
  • The outer diameter is 7.6mm.
  • Gives draw weight of 25 to 70 pounds
  • The shaft length is 30 inches.
  • Full body length is 31 inches.
  • Mixes carbon material uses in its manufacturing.
  • Replaceable tip
  • Offers good speech with a low hand shock
  • Good performance
  • Best for hunting practice targeting
  • The nock come loose easily.
  • The tip may break

8. 30-inch PANDARUS Archery Carbon Practice Arrows

30-inch PANDARUS Archery


PANDARUS 30 inch carbon is the best practice hunting arrows for beginners and youth. These arrows are super durable and give outstanding performance. These carbon arrows are the best for all kind of shooting. If you are going for target practice and hunting these arrows can be your best companion.

The nocks of these targeting arrows attach with glue so you can not adjust the nock. The arrow length of this 30- Carbon arrow is 28 inches while the spine is 500. Best suited for the draw weight of 25 to 50 pounds. These high-quality arrows are safe to use and every child, beginner, a woman can use them.

Key features

  • The outer diameter of this carbon arrow is 0.314inch
  • The inner diameter of this arrow is 0.236 inch.
  • It offers a spine of 500
  • GPI is 13 grain
  • It has a nickel stainless steel tip.
  • You can’t break them.
  • Super air lightweight
  • Perfect for target shooting
  • Not suitable for high draw weight
  • The shaft material may splinter.

Here is the Buying Guide for the best target arrow

best target arrow

Here you can get all the basic information, types of arrows, parts of arrows, different types of arrowheads, and some important factors you should consider while buying the best target arrow.

Types of arrows

There are four types of arrows

  • Carbon Arrows
  • Aluminum Arrows
  • Wood Arrows
  • Fiberglass Arrows

Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows are favorite among bowhunters. Its shafts are straight and constant with special options for diameter and spine. Carbon arrows are expensive and not fixable. These are lightweight, and it offers many custom sizing options.

Aluminum arrows

These are the most flexible and lightweight arrows. You can bend them in any shape. These are less expensive than carbon arrows. It covers a distance of 18 m and beyond. Aluminum arrows are durable and are available in various customization options of spine, length, and diameter.

Wood arrows

Wooden arrows are the most formal choice, normally have glue on top with no insert and feather fletching, it covers in a lacquer finish. The price range of wooden arrows depends upon the arrow’s quality. You can bend it a bit and reasonable in price.

Fiberglass arrows

These types of arrows are choices for youth and the best option for target practice. Fiberglass arrows are super solid and have glue on the top. You can not bend this arrow easily. Fiberglass is one of the interesting choices and inexpensive in the price range.

Parts of Arrows:

There are four main parts of the arrows.

The shafts: The real length of the arrow is the shaft. Different kinds of material used in manufacturing: arrow’s length, commonly aluminum, carbon, wood, aluminum-Carbon, and fiberglass used for different motives.

The Arrow Head: The sharp endpoint of the arrow is its head.

The Fletching: The three vanes, at the backside of an arrow, is fletching.

The color of the first two vanes is the same and the last vane is index vane and usually, it is of a different color.

The Nock: The slotted pint at the verge of an arrow. It’s commonly plastic, and it conforms snugly on the string of the bow, at a place and that place is the nocking point.

Different types of arrowhead

  • Bullet point arrowheads are relatively strong and use for normally target practice and small hunting games.
  • Field point arrowhead is stronger than bullet head point, uses for small hunting games and target practice.
  • Blunt point arrowhead uses for small games; this kind of head has a steady tip and uses for killing animals.
  • Judo point arrowheads are flat and sharp, uses for small hunting games.
  • Broad arrowheads are super sharp; they have a razor on point, these arrows are specially for hunting.

Points to consider when you go for choosing the best target arrows

Points to consider when you go for choosing the best target arrows

Now let’s talk about some important features that you should know while buying the best target arrow. Here you can get all the information, and buying guide.


Choose an arrow and check its bendability, (spine is a bendability an arrow) an arrow that bends a lot in a week and an arrow that doesn’t bend is stiff. It is better to choose an arrow that is slightly stiff than a weak arrow.

Arrow makers suggest arrows that are a little bit stiff. An arrow’s spine tells us about the direction, an arrow that is a little stiff will go in the left and weak arrows will go in the right. Generally, the left-right result in arrows is variation in spines.


This is the first thing that everyone notices while buying the arrows. The length of the arrow should longer than the draw length. You can’t shoot if you have short arrows, if you are a beginner, then choose an arrow that is 2 inches longer than the draw length so, use a draw length indicator and measure the length before buying an arrow.


The diameter of an arrow plays a vast rose, so choose wisely. Many archers go for the arrow that has a thick diameter because the thicker arrow has a more accurate target, thicker arrows are usually for indoor games. Many target shooters usually prefer thinner arrows for outdoor games because thinner arrows do not affect wind and humidity.


The straight arrows are better; the straightness tolerance comes in +/- term if an arrow has a straightness tolerance of +/- 0.001 inches is straighter than an arrow having a straightness tolerance of +/- 0.003 inch. Straightness of an arrow comes after the spine, and most hunters consider arrows with proper spine than straightness.


Arrow’s weight is another significant measurement. Usually weight of an arrow measures in grains and GPI (grains per inch). You should choose arrows according to the weight of your bow. This means, lower arrow requires a lower bow and a heavier arrow needs a heavy bow. The weight of an arrow depends upon its kinetic energy.


After weight, let’s talk about the tip of an arrow. The tip comes in different weights. Different arrows have different types of tip. It is your choice to choose the accurate tip for your arrow. Generally, lightweight bows work well with lighter tip weight and heavyweight bows work well with heavy tip weight.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Which is the faster an arrow or bullet?

Of course, a bullet is faster than an arrow. The speed of an arrow depends upon the user; the shooter can less and more. But the speed of a bullet is two times faster than an arrow.

Is carbon arrows more popular among all?

Yes, carbon arrows are more popular because it is more accurate and durable among all. Shooters always prefer carbon arrows because of their accuracy and affordable prices.

Can wind affect the speed of an arrow?

The speed of an arrow is always dependent upon weather, in rain and humidity the arrow flight can slow down. The greater the arrow speed, the flatter its arrow course, and the slight deviation it endures from the storm.

Which arrows are better shorter and longer?

The longer arrows can keep up their speed more than shorter ones. The shorter arrow can more drag and the longer arrow can turn more, thus lessening penetration.

Do longer arrows fly faster?

No, shorter arrows are stiffer than longer arrows. They are light in weight, although lighter arrows can fly faster than heavier ones. The shorter arrow can get less than a longer one; less flex gives extra speed.


Every hunter starts their journey as a target shooter. So, the basic things for target shooting are bows and arrows. Most hunters use target arrows for practice. It is difficult to choose the best target arrows for the bows because there are a lot of arrows available on the market.

Do not worry our line of arrows will help you to choose the best target arrow. To choose the perfect arrow, make sure you consider all the factors before buying. We have mentioned all the features, pros and cons.

Moreover, different arrows and parts all the important information you can get from this article. As a vast fraction of the compound, bow makers don’t give an arrow with bows and as a shooter, you want to discover the best target arrows for yourself.








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