Everything About Green Fishing Lights

More and more people have started to use underwater lights to attract fish close to their docks. Some just want the exciting colors that will be seen in the evening and others put them in to attract as much fish as possible. This gives them the opportunity to catch more. The blue or green fishing lights can range from 25 dollars to 450 dollars. Most people use green or blue colors because the fish are mostly attracted to those two.

How Do The Green Lights Work?

The lights that you would place attract things like plankton. The smaller fish come around to feed on the plankton. Then those smaller fish will attract bigger fish. The longer you leave the lights on, the more and more fish will come. Fish remember places where food is easy to catch, so they will always be there. Before you know it, you will have thousands of fish just swimming around near your dock.

What Types Of Green Fishing Lights Are There?

What Types Of Green Fishing Lights Are There


You can place these types of lights into two categories: portable and mountable. You have your portable lights, which are smaller and are handier for pond fishing. They are less powerful than the mountable ones, but mobility is their main benefit. The mounted fishing lights are placed on the dock and need to be plugged in a GFCI.

Do Green Fishing Lights Work Well?

Placing green fishing lights on your dock will attract fish near you. Most of the lights you will find can be placed underwater, and when the fish come, you can either fish, cast a net, or bow fish and use a green fish light to make the experience more fun. The main thing to remember is to keep moving the light around; that is how you will get more and more fish. Also, try out different depths with the lights. Keep the noise down as much as possible, walk carefully on the dock because the vibrations can be felt by the fish, who can get scared and swim away.


How Deep Can You Place The Lights?

If you have portable lights, then they can’t be placed too deep because they lack the power to light to the surface. Mounted lights, on the other hand, can go as much as 35 feet underwater. The most significant factor is water. So if the water where you are fishing is dirty, then the lights will have problems breaking the water’s surface.

Can You Place The Fishing Lights Underwater?

The majority of the lights you will find are waterproof, so placing them underwater won’t be a problem. On the bottom of the lights, weights have been placed, so they stay in one place when they are submerged. If you have strong currents where you fish, make sure to get heavier lights.

Making The Surrounding More Beautiful

Getting fishing lights, whether they are green or blue, at night, the colors will make the dock of the boat more beautiful. Everything will just stand out.

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