How To Choose A Rabbit Hunting Rifle?

Rabbit hunting is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable games you may play in hunting season. Why? It requires more natural hunting tricks and equipment as well. You can use guns, airguns, rifles, etc. for this. If you want to have any one of these, rifles are considered the best among all. Basically, Rabbit is a tiny animal. So it doesn’t necessarily need powerful equipment. The rifle you are going to choose need not be that much powerful. It just needs to have the power of good accuracy. If you want to choose a rabbit hunting rifle, you need to know that there are a number of such rifles. You can consider the following factors in choosing a rifle for rabbit hunting.

How To Choose A Rabbit Hunting Rifle

How To Choose A Rabbit Hunting Rifle


#1 Choice of rifle:

There are several rifles available that can be used for rabbit hunting. But you need to choose the right one. You may think that a break-barrel spring power is the perfect one for you. Because it has great accuracy that helps to detect rabbits easily. But if you miss the first shot, you need some time to prepare for the next shot. In the meanwhile, the Rabbit will go out of your range. You won’t get the second chance. So spring power is not the right choice. In that sense, you can pick Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP). Because this rifle will give you a second chance about which we discussed above along with good accuracy.

#2 Calibre of rifle:

Not only rifle, a caliber that is used in rifles also has to be suitable for rabbit hunting. Typically three kinds of calibre are used in rifles – .20 calibre, .22 calibre, and .177 calibre. .22 pellet is larger and heavier. It is one of the most potent calibres. This transfers the energy of a great amount and kills the Rabbit cleanly. But this calibre is best for long-distance shooting. On the other hand, .177 calibre is responsible for flatter wounds. But this calibre is suitable for short-range hunting. .20 calibre is the middle-man of these two. You can consider this calibre for rabbit hunting. According to our experience, .20 is the most suitable for this purpose.


#3 Weight of Rifles:

You should consider the rifle’s weight before making a purchase. Professionals recommend using a light-weight rifle instead of using a very light-weight rifle. An ultra light-weight rifle can create problems in maintaining balance in tough situations during hunting. Besides, ultra light-weight rifles require a lot of amounts. But the result with it you are going to have isn’t that much. So choose a rifle that is light-weight.


Choosing a rifle for rabbit hunting is not that much difficult if you consider the above factors before making your mind. If you want to make yourself better in rabbit hunting than last time, pick a suitable rifle to be a successful predator. Hopefully, you will thank us later for these suggestions.

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