Things To Consider While Camping With Your e-MTB

Imagine exploring the vast wilderness on the saddle of your bike. Bikepacking is fun! It is even more convenient if you are camping with your e-MTB. When compared with the traditional bikes, e-bikes can propel you much faster and more effortlessly up an incline.

Today you have a whole lot of e-bikes to choose from. Be it, effortlessly commuting through traffic, going on a picnic to the countryside, or just feeling the exhilarating thrill of the wind against your face at high speeds! You can easily choose the best electric bike under 1000 to meet most of your requirements.

Camping with your e-MTB will allow you to carry more weight, go up the slopes without too much effort and gain access to even the most inaccessible places! However, you must take some measures to make your camping holiday more enjoyable with an e-MTB.

Here are some things to consider while camping with your e-MTB

Plan your route well

In an e-MTB, you expect to tackle some rough terrain. It is a great idea if you could do a recce’ first or take someone along who has done the route before. Knowing what lies ahead will go a long way into making your journey enjoyable.

When your e-MTB lugs a 60Lb weight (along with your weight), its battery will not last the full range specified by the manufacturer. You need to take that into consideration and plan for charging options during your rest stops.

Take minimum gear

Minimalistic bike-packing will reduce a whole lot of hassles. If you carry too many non-essential items, expect your batteries to drain faster. It will also be a chore to lug your gear if the trail involves some walking.

Pack a lightweight bivy, compact cooking gear, a tarp, a lightweight sleeping bag, a water bottle/purifier, a change of clothes, toolkit, and a medkit. You could add spare batteries, warm clothing (if it is cold), lightweight rain gear, and a solar lantern/ flashlight.

Of course, the above list is the bare minimum. But, for a more comfortable camping experience, you could pack more items and take them along in a trailer or a pannier. It is important to consider the weather conditions and pack suitable clothing. You don’t want to shiver the whole night in your tent!

Choose the best home base

If you are hitting the mountains, you must choose a centrally placed home base. A home base will allow you to replenish food and other essentials. It will also let you charge your e-MTB batteries. You can explore the trails around your home base and come back for supplies and rest.

A centrally located home base will mean that you do not have to pack too much gear. You will not be required to haul your heavy e-MTB and other gear from one location to the other. They even have spares for minor repairs.

Moreover, your home base will provide the much-needed link to civilization when you occasionally return to restock. They also have facilities for emergency services if the need arises. Nothing beats a hot dinner in your home base after an arduous 2-day bike-packing in the wilderness.

Invest in quality gear

Your long weekends of bike-packing will become even more enjoyable if you have reliable gear. Good quality gear doesn’t come cheap. But look upon it as an investment as they are built to last besides serving well. A well-equipped biking cum camping adventure will ensure comfort and safety in the wilderness.

Make your meals almost ready to eat

You can pre-cook and pre-cut almost all your meals. Once you do it, pack it in plastic bags and freeze them. You can take what you require from your home base and by the time you are ready to eat, it would have thawed.

All you have to do is warm them. You save time and get food faster in your belly. You will have so much time for resting and other activities. Keep your meals simple while out on the trail. Pack ready to eat meals and take a good variety of trail mixes. They are lightweight, portable, and energy-dense.

For those leisurely evenings where you are allowed to light a fire, you can treat yourselves with a combo of pre-cooked meat and vegetables. Of course, you can gorge on your favorite food in the restaurant at the home base when you return.

Keep clean

wilderness on an e-MTB


Remember, traversing the wilderness on an e-MTB is a sweaty affair. On a multi-day camping trip in remote areas, you will not have access to a shower. If you find a water source nearby, great! If it is summertime, never lose an opportunity to take a dip.

Nothing beats a good dip to get your spirits soaring after a grueling day’s ride. When you do not have access to water, or it is too cold, use baby wipes with hot water to wipe away the grime. Keeping clean on the trail will prevent a host of issues such as-rashes and itchy skin.


Consider Your Charging Options

The chief worry of all e-bikers is the battery. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of the wilderness after your battery runs out. Riding an e-MTB without battery power is fine if you are going downhill. It will be like pushing through treacle if you are going through rough terrain or uphill.

Half of your problem will be solved with careful planning. Once you know the proper range of your e-MTB, you’ll be able to estimate the distance you can travel on a full charge from your home base. You could carry extra batteries if you anticipate covering more distance.

You can always charge your batteries at your home camp. You have adapters that can connect to your car for charging. Some people carry mini generators and solar chargers while spending multiple days in the wilderness.


E-MTB’s give you more versatility than a traditional MTB. While camping out, take adequate security measures such as a bear spray and a proper locking system for your bike. Pack a GPS device for emergencies and accurate information on your location. Most of all, push yourself and your e-MTB to go to remote areas accessible to a few!

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