Tents You Can Stand Up In – [2022 Reviews & Comparison]

Best Tents you can stand up in

1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Tents you can stand up in


This cabin-like tent comes with a dark-room technology. It blocks 90 percent of the sunlight so that you can comfortably sleep even in the daytime. The fabric of this tent reduces heat to keep the inside of the tent cool. It is a weatherproof tent. These tents have inverted seams and welded corners to stop the water from entering inside. This tent consists of a flysheet which provides additional protection in wet conditions. With a center height of 6 feet and 7 inches, this tent is one of the best tents you can stand up in comfortably.

This 6-person tent has enough room to fit four queen-size airbeds, and these beds come with attached stash pockets, so you can keep your essential within reach of your hands. This backpacking shelter has a durable polyguard 2X double-thick fabric that can withstand adversity of weather conditions. This tent is reliable, and it will work efficiently in all seasons. These tents have an instant setup as their pre-attached poles allow a faster setup. It takes about one minute to pitches these tents.

These tents have reflective guy lines that are more visible in the dark as compared to other guy lines. Therefore, they are easier to spot at night. This cabin tent comes with a room divider, which allows the campers to keep their privacy. Thanks to this divider, mothers can feed their babies, girls and boys can sleep separately or change their clothes with privacy. These tents have a hinged door for convenient entry and exit. This tent also features an expandable carry bag that you can expand with a rip-strip when in need of extra storage space.

  • They have a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Their inverted seams eliminate the needle holes.
  • It has a dark-room technology for comfortable sleep in the daytime.
  • These tents have enough headroom for a person to stand in and move around comfortably
  • This tent has a roomy interior and it can fit four queen size air beds.
  • The door zippers are a little difficult to open in the dark.
  • With open windows, rain comes in, and with closed windows, there is no ventilation and the tent becomes hot from inside.

Suitable for:

It is a family tent. It can easily fit a family of six members, and it has enough headroom for even a tall person to stand in and change clothes without bending and twisting.

Not so great for:

It is too big for solo campers and couples. It is not completely suitable for rainy conditions.


This tent has few complaints of leakage and condensation due to their bad design. It is a good tent with some precautions. With some water-repellents, seam-sealers, and rainfly, these tall tents can work efficiently in all seasons.

2. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent


Product Description:

The Big Horn Tent Series from Browning Camping gives a different significance to a home away from home! It is a two-room tent which can accommodate five people. Utilizing fiberglass poles and steel uprights, the Big Horn Tents flaunts an unattached lodge tent structure that enables it to resist and withstand different conditions and elements it faces.

It has enough room to stretch out with its extra tall center height; this makes changing clothes or getting ready for very bed convenient. You don’t have to bend down while performing any kind of action. Apart from an extra-tall roof, it also consists of straight side walls which gives more room for bunks, side tables, or whatever else you want to put in your tent.

It has an excellent ventilation system because of its large entrance (doorways), and windows allow air to circulate freely. The factory-sealed fly and floor creases are induced the Big Horn Tents for ideal wet climate assurance and protection, and the flysheet is safely stored in a place, utilizing weatherproof clasps for maximum movability. The Big Horn tent is best for a hunting trip or backyard adventure. So, don’t miss the opportunity to grab it for your next trip and it will give you the whole new camping experience.

  • An excellent ventilation system (two doors and four windows allow the air to circulate freely)
  • This tent has a free-standing design.
  • High-quality material is used in its construction.
  • These tents have a high ceiling
  • These tents are very spacious.
  • The first-time camper can find difficulty in setting it up.
  • It has a lot of weight due to its size.

Best suited for:

This Big Horn Tent is suitable for all seasons. Its 150D oxford floor is very hefty and robust, giving it additional longevity. The tent is ideal for families who need to camp for long periods and with two relatively large rooms protect everybody. The fly clasps are likewise customizable, perfect for the campers who need full command over their tents. You can use these kinds of tents on different types of surfaces or landscapes and conditions. So basically, this tent is an all-rounder of tall camping tents.

Not so great for:

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent is suitable for a lot of things; however, it’s too big for a solitary camper. It has a lot of room and space, but in case if you are camping alone and don’t carry a lot of gear, this Big Horn tent is excessive and unreasonable.


Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent surveys on online stores have positive reviews. Most of the clients give it five stars. The general opinion is that the setup is simple and has a lot of space for families. Reviews from clients show that the tent isn’t just sturdy and resistant, but the services provided to customers are very reliable.

3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


Product Description:

This tent has a polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating to increase its water-resistance. They have a convertible screened room, which provides an additional bug-free area for sleeping. The mesh walls of the screen room allow air to flow inside and keep the room cool. The screen room has a T-shaped door. This tent features a removable rainfly with sealed seams to keep the rainwater outside. And when it is not raining, you can remove the fly to enjoy the view through the mesh roof.

They also have a mesh roof and two zippered mesh windows for perfect ventilation. All threads and zippers are water-repellent. Their double-stitched seams come with a flap to keep the water out. This tent has a shock-corded fiberglass roof frame that comes with steel uprights and corner elbows to provide necessary strength against high winds. They have a pin and ring system for easy setup.

These tents have storage pockets for your small items. This tent is quite spacious, and with a peak height of 6.5 Feet, they have enough headroom for a person to stand in and roam around without any discomfort.

  • Their shock-corded fiberglass frame gives them stability in harsh winds.
  • The polyurethane coating gives its fabric water repellency.
  • The sewn instructions in their carry bag are a great help.
  • The seams of this tent are waterproof.
  • This tent is very spacious, with a roomy interior.
  • These tents are undeniably heavy.
  • They have a dark-colored rainfly, so the tent becomes very hot in the sun during the daytime.

Suitable for:

This tent is suitable for car camping because it is too heavy for backpacking. These tents are quite water-resistant in wet conditions. Therefore, they are ideal for rainy seasons.

Not so great for:

As they are extremely heavy, you can’t go on a hike while carrying them on your back. Their dark-colored rainfly can be a nuisance in hot weather because it makes them very hot at day time in the sun.


These tents are amazing, and most of the users are pleased with this product. The only major drawback they have is that they are too heavy to carry. However, there are few complaints about their pins losing up in a single night and few leakage complaints. But this issue can be fixed by using a good waterproof spray. Some users have also recommended changing their cheap plastic pins with sturdy ones. All in all, it is a good standup tent for camping.

4. NTK Super Arizona GT

NTK Super Arizona GT


Product Description:

This extremely spacious tent can accommodate upto twelve people. These tents have color-coded pre-attached poles for fast setup. They use two poles for their inner tent and a small pole to extend their shade. These tents have an aluminum pin and ring system for their easy setup, and the process doesn’t take much time.

These tents have a removable room divider that offers required privacy to the campers. This tent has two doors to provide separate and convenient entry and exit to the male and female campers. With a height of6.9 feet, this tent has enough room for the campers to stand in and move around conveniently.

These tents come with a large rainfly for complete coverage. The inner tent is completely breathable, and it comes with an ultra-thin polyester no see um mesh that provides bug-protection and privacy from side-view when the fly is not on. Their large D-shaped doors also have mosquito mesh that offers amazing outdoor view and ventilation, while keeping the bugs and insects outside. And their large covered mesh windows provide extra ventilation.

These tents have a 100% virgin Nano-flex shock-corded fiberglass frame with an improved diameter and double gold-plated ferrules that can withstand harsh winds. This tent has heavy-duty anti-fungus seamless polyethylene fabric with an inner silver coated layer to keeps you dry and clean in wet conditions. Their bathtub-style construction provides an element barrier for enhanced protection.

These tents have Double layer 190T polyester laminated fabric with polyurethane 2500 mm waterproof coating. This is a UV-resistant fabric that gives necessary sun protection, and it also meets flammability requirements. These tents also feature a carry bag with compact buckles and an Id tag to personalize them.

  • This tent is extremely spacious.
  • This tent has enough headroom to walk in and move around.
  • Their UV-resistant fabric provides necessary sun protection.
  • These tents are quite waterproof.
  • This tent has room dividers for privacy.
  • Storage bag is small. Therefore, it is hard to fit the tent back into it.

Suitable for:

This tent works efficiently in rainy and windy conditions. These tents are ideal for big families or group of friends as they provide required privacy in every way.

Not so great for:

This is also not a backpacking tent, and it is not for solo campers as it is cumbersome.


They don’t have any major negative reviews. All the customers are happy with the quality and durability of this tent. There was only one complaint about the tripping of the main pole among all their reviews. This is one the most highly recommended camping tent you can stand in.

5. Kodiak Canvas 12×9 Canvas Cabin Tent

kodiak canvas 12x9 canvas cabin tent


Product Description:

Made with premium-grade Hydra shield, this 100% Cotton duck canvas is highly durable and water-resistant. The tight weave and silicone finish make this canvas waterproof yet breathable, and they also reduce the dampness and condensation inside the tent.

With 7.5 feet peak roof height and steep walls, it has enough headroom for a person to stand and move around comfortably. It has two large doors on the front and sire with top rated #10 YKK zippers on each. Having two doors allow the campers to enter and exit without disturbing each other. Both girls and boys can stay in the same tent while keeping their privacy.

For ventilation, these tents have five large windows with micro nettings (no see um mesh). The mesh keeps all bugs and insects out. These tents have rollable sidewalls, and they extend into a small awning with the help of the poles. You can zip down these walls in harsh weather conditions or for any private purpose.

Their sturdy frame comes with inverted welded corner braces, and their 1-inch steel tube poles hold up to strong winds. The floor of the tent is seamless, heavy-duty, and leak-free with 16 oz vinyl coating that keeps water out. The storage bag of this shelter is large enough to fit the whole tent comfortably. Hefty 12-inch steel stakes are also part of the product. This tent has a simple setup. It requires two adults to set this tent up.

Pros & Cons

  • They have a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Two separate entrances for convenient entry and exit.
  • The tent features a heavy-duty and puncture-resistant seamless floor.
  • These tents have rollable sidewalls that can convert into an awning with the help of two poles.
  • They can withstand strong winds.
  • This tent is quite heavy.

Suitable for:

It is a durable tent, and it works great in all weather conditions. It is suitable for sola campers or couples. Max, it can fit three adults without gear. These tents are ideal for very tall people. We can consider them as one of the tallest tents you can stand inside.

Not so great for:

These tents are not for families, and again as they are heavy, these tents are not for backpacking.


These tents have the most five-star rating among all the tall tents. These tents don’t have any important drawbacks, and most customers have applauded the manufacturers for the quality and construction of this tent. There is only one complaint about poles getting jammed. This issue is resolvable. Just give the bottom a little twist to unjam the poles, and your problem will be fixed.

6. E-Z UP CC10SLSP Camping Cube

E-Z UP CC10SLSP Camping Cube Tents you can stand up in


Product Description:

This camping cube tent doesn’t have a self-supporting add-on. These tents are designed with a straight leg frame. Their add-ons change this straight-leg shelter into a completely new space for your next camping trip. These tents are spacious enough to fit six people and a pet with a separate built-in pet entrance. With an s peak height of 6’4″, they have enough room for a person to stand in. The size of the tent measures 111″ L x 111″ W x 76″ H (350 cm x 281 cm x 281 cm).

Their add-on allows excellent air circulation. These tents have huge screened vent and a larger than usual screened entrance to cooperate with the vented rooftop to increase and maximize the ventilation in blistering summer days and evenings. This 3D shape tent is exceptionally planned with hardcore clip holders and loop closures in addition to an s-shaped hook to attach effectively to your E-Z UP Instant Shelter outline.

These tents have a UV-resistant fabric that gives you necessary sun protection. They have heavy-duty polyester flaps for all doors and windows in case you need privacy or want to stay warm. These flaps fasten with our enhanced #10 zippers for a proper seal. With their easily detachable hook and loop fittings, these tents are easy to assemble and disassemble. This camping cube add-on can be removed in less than 60 seconds.

Their water-resistant and bugproof floor gives protection against outside elements. This tub-like floor is completely sealed. The material of this tent meets CPAI-84 and NFPA -701 fire resistant requirements.

This tent also features a weather-resistant power pocket, which brings electricity access inside the tent. They have O-ring attachment points for hanging flashlight or lanterns and storage pockets for stashing small personal items. These tents come with an entry footprint to leave the dirt outside. E-Z UP CC10SLSP has a carry bag for their carriage and transport.

  • These tents are extremely ventilated.
  • They have a light but strong material used in their construction.
  • These tents are tall enough to stand in and move around.
  • They have water-resistant floor fabric to keep the insides of the tent dry and clean.
  • They have a roof vent for maximum airflow.
  • Front door zipper is not stitched properly.
  • There is no way to cover the ceiling vent.

Suitable for:

These tents are ideal for summer camping as they are extremely ventilated. This tent can also fit six people; therefore, it is a small family tent.

Not so great for:

These tents don’t have any covering fir their roof vent. Therefore, these tents are not suitable for cold conditions.


It is an excellent summer tent, but it is not as waterproof as claimed by its manufacturers. Few customers have recommended using a tarp beneath the floor for maximum protection. You can also buy an extra tarp to cover the roof vent. Overall, it is a good standup tent.

7. 10′ x 9′ Toogh 6 Person Camping Big Horn Tent

10' x 9' Toogh 6 Person Tents you can stand up in


Product Description:

With a base size of 9ft x 10ft and a center height of 74in, this tent has enough room to fit six adults. The outside tent has a 210D oxford fabric with a 3000mm waterproof level. This fabric also comes with a silicone coating. They have PE floors with a waterproof level of 3000mm. This tent features a flysheet for additional protection in wet conditions.

With their unique hub design and pole clips that snap instantly on their fiberglass poles, these tents have a painless setup. These tents come with an extremely dense mesh that provides perfect ventilation, and it also offers protection against bugs and insects. This water-resistant tent has a single entrance. They have mesh windows for bug protection maximum airflow.

These tents have enough headroom for a person to stand in and move around. With a total weight of 17.6 pounds, these tents are comparatively light. This product also comes with 8 aluminum ground-nails and 4 anti-wind ropes. These tents have convenient transport and carriage.

  • These tents have a 35-day money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty for quality issues.
  • This tent is quite spacious.
  • It has a double storage pocket on each side for your small essentials.
  • This is a lightweight tent.
  • They have excellent ventilation.
  • Their zipper often caught up.

Suitable for:

These tents are suitable for fishing, mountaineering, hiking and beach picnics. These tents work well in most weather conditions. It is an ideal 6-person tall tent designed for small families or a small group of friends.

Not so great:

These tents are not heavy-duty to withstand extreme weather conditions. If you are camping in extreme conditions, then go for the sturdiest and most durable tents.


These tents have mostly positive comments about them. Their purchase is risk-free as they come with a 35-days money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty for quality-related issues. We would recommend changing their cheap zippers and stakes with sturdier ones. They are lightweight, and they fit into a small carry bag; therefore, they are easy to carry and travel with.

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