Coleman Evanston 8 Screened Tent Review

Coleman Evanston 8 Screened Tent is a unique product that has been for years is fulfilling the shelter needs of humans in plenty of situations such as travel, camping, and in other situations where temporary cover is required.

Coleman Evanston 8 Screened Tent Key Features

The tent covers a large number of features in a short amount of money. The tent’s material all around the clock keeps the fresh air going on within the tent, thus preventing suffocation and other breathing problems that are common in the case of other tent products.

The tent’s screened porch allows you to sleep at warm and day nights and is designed by keeping the different weather conditions in mind. Besides, it also resists against heavy rain. The Insta Clip Pole attachment of the tent stand against the high wind while the Weather Tech System patented welded floors and inverted protected ensure the dryness within the tent.

The product is flexible, and the tent’s folding/unfolding technology makes it easy to mobilize to any place. The total area of the tent is 15 ft. x12 ft. Enough for the two queen size airbeds. The tent’s height is 6 ft, making any normal person walk within the tent without any hurdle. This makes it one of the best tends you can stand up in.

In the case of Coleman Evanston 8 Screened Tent pole and un pole is not a problem. You just have to pole once and the entire process takes only 15 minutes for the tent for the complete setup.

The Fly of the tent protects you from the rain, while in the dry nights, the mesh roof of the tent will allow you to gaze at the stars, thus allowing you to enjoy the weather all around the clock. As discussed earlier, the tent covers an unlimited number of features in a short amount of money. The warranty for the tent is 1 Year. Your tent will not suffer any damage within one year.

Coleman Evanston 8 Person Tent Technology

- coleman evanston 8 person tent


The technology adopted in the production of the tent is the Weather Tech Technology. The weather resistance is increased in the tent and the needle holes are adopted for this approach. Secondly, the tent is made to resist wind. It is wind responsive with redesigned poles and out-coming triangles. The technology of the tent allows it to stay cool in summers and warm and hot in winter.

The Zipper cuff of the tent is a fabric that fights off against weather with the fabric added protection elements. Last but not least, the floor of the tent is waterproof. The methodologies adopted in the protection of the tent strengthen the tent floor and minus needle holes.

There are three options to setup the tent. The Conventional Pitch setup of the product is for the customers who are not in a hurry and is a conventional approach in setting up any tent. The fast pitch allows you to use pre-attached poles. You can set up a tent 50% faster than the conventional approach. This is a modern technique to set up a tent.

The last approach of setting up the product is the Instant Approach. It takes only 60 seconds to setup and involves unfold, extend, and secure steps to setup a tent. The tent is suited to travel and is best for different terrains such as mountains, valleys, riverside, snow, as well as the areas covered with sands.

The front porch of the tent is great to left the shoes outside before moving into the tent. The tent’s design is awesome and makes it to fit in any dimensions making the execution of the tent easy.


- coleman evanston 8 person tent conclusion


Coleman is a brand in the tent technology and its products are known all over the world. The previous product of Coleman was the Coleman Evanston 8 Person Test and was a huge success. This current product is designed by keeping in view the previous product and the customers’ problems are addressed in this product.

Coleman Evanston 8 Screened Tent is designed by keeping the past products of Coleman in mind. The customers’ feedback is gathered in this case and the product is designed by keeping in view the needs of past, present, and future customers of Coleman.

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